Words, trust and relationship


Interpersonal relationships are social connections, associations and affiliations between people. They vary in depth and intimacy and cover different aspects such as friendship, family, boy-girl relationships, and marriage. Regardless of the different types of relationships or the different role a person plays in a social entity, conflicts can arise and can strain a relationship. Trust is an important element in maintaining a healthy and harmonious relationship. Conflicts normally arise due to the betrayal of trust between two parties in a relationship. Whenever there is a conflict, the parties may resort to hurling harsh words and insults at each other, which can eventually lead to emotional stress.

Trust is the pillar that sustains relationships. Lies are the culprits of mistrust and suspicion in relationships. Lies should be taken seriously because every time a lie is told the level of trust will decrease and create more and more suspicion between the parties. Eventually, the person telling the lies will lose their credibility and this will strain the relationship. In today’s modern society with increased stress and competition, lies are inevitable and serve as a practical tool to avoid trouble and protect yourself. However, this form of convenience is traded with reduced trust. A person who has lost their confidence in the past may find it difficult to trust others again. Therefore, when it comes to the relationship, once there is no trust between the two parties, that relationship has failed. Honesty is the Best Policy!

Words can be the most powerful tool, but the most destructive weapon in the world. Words can take the form of praise and compliments, but also a weapon that can hurt and leave an emotional scar on a person. For example, rumors can cause a person to break up and deteriorate due to the large number of people involved. When it comes to a relationship, hurtful remarks and slurs hurled at an angry person during a conflict can profoundly affect their psychological and emotional state. The impact of these words can be further heightened, especially when they come from someone you are closely attached to. The emotional high can heal over time, but it can also change a person’s perception of humanity and relationships permanently.

In conclusion, trust and words are closely related to each other in a relationship. Any mismanagement of these two important elements can strain a relationship. Anger management, character building, and emotional stress management are essential for preventing conflict and dealing with the consequences of relationship failures. Hence, one should not take things for granted and learn to cherish relationships.


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