Winterize Your Kids Playhouse now for more fun in the future


Most people take for granted how important it is to survive the playhouse because they don’t see it as just another “house”, but just a play structure. In order to provide your child with a long term use, you will need to take the same steps to protect it from the harsh winter that you take in your own home.

Here’s what you can do to keep the playhouse in top condition during the winter season:

Put plastic on interior windows. Some window films can blend into the window to act as a barrier against the cold by heating it with a hair dryer. These are perfect for this type of outdoor space.

Fill all holes and spaces with putty or foam to prevent drafts. It will also help keep pests away which may also seek out a place to warm up during the cold weather.

Provide your child with prize pools to use near the doors when they are inside the children’s playhouse. This will prevent the cold from blowing under the door. You can either buy a Dodge Draft from a discounted house or retailer, or craft one yourself. This could be a really cool activity to do with your child.

Your family’s playhouse for children can be preserved for a lifetime of play. You just need to take the right steps to protect it from the harsh elements that accompany winter. Weatherizing today will ensure that your child and their friends continue to have a place to have fun all year round!


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