Will Trump’s legacy be based on real facts or alternate facts?


Although many politicians and officials, unfortunately, sometimes resort to some degree of political spin, never before, in recent memory, have we seen an individual, consistently, articulate a message, based on denials, double – down on these, call anything he disagrees with, or disagrees with, as false facts, etc., as we have done, in recent years, from Donald Trump! Many believe that our presidents are often judged not only on their political popularity, during their tenure, but on their heritage! In the great number of cases, while we may disagree with an individual, depending on, on the basis of their political beliefs, plans, strategies, actions, etc., basic events are not involved! However, this president, due to the number of times, political facts – auditors, state, he lied, etc., and his model of never apologizing, admitting a mistake, taking personal responsibility, etc., and his tendency to blame and complain, accuse others, along the way! With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to examine, examine, review and discuss 5 instances / factors that may have influenced Trump’s legacy.

1. Race relations: Perhaps in recent years they have witnessed a deterioration in race relations, at an unnoticed rate, for at least half a century! In my lifetime, I didn’t believe we would once again witness so much systemic racism, white supremacy, neo-Nazism, etc., and a president, whose level of rhetoric, and vitriol, has ignited this hatred and this fanaticism, at this level / rate! The apparent – division in our society between those who believe in equal rights, justice and liberty, and those who seem to believe, this only applies selectively is worrying! Although, says Trump, he has been wonderful, when it comes to these issues, many believe, on the contrary, that these are the real facts!

2. International / foreign relations: Although, he claims, he was protecting American interests, by removing or limiting our involvement, long-lasting alliances / pacts / agreements, opposing the Paris accords, etc. own personal / political agenda, and / or, self-interest, before maintaining / strengthening our historic alliances, while appearing, to be embraced, in relation to the leaders of China, Russia, North Korea, etc.

3. Pandemic management: Perhaps the one element that will impact his legacy, more than anything else, is Trump’s handling of the pandemic. He always proclaimed if he hadn’t managed so well the results would have been much worse, but many of us believe the data points to the contrary! Since, the population of the United States, represents about 4.5% of the world’s population, we have experienced, approximately, 20% of cases, and deaths, that means, instead of almost 250,000 deaths, we should have seen , around 50,000 (approx), so what could his legacy show about how he handled this horrific event?

4. Economy / financial: Before the pandemic, the US economy looked extremely healthy, with low unemployment and a strong stock market. However, if one looked, beyond the surface, the real growth / strength of the stock market was not as good as a rhythm, like its predecessor, and, in large part, was based on, smoke and mirrors, because, with historically low interest rates, there were few other viable options available to invest / park – fund! While Trump brags about his stewardship and how much the nation benefited from the 2017 tax reform, many believe it benefited the wealthiest Americans, instead of helping us too! What will be his eventual legacy in this area?

5. Integrity / ethics: This president claims that his administration has been the most transparent, and he has drained the so-called swamp! Unfortunately, it looks very different from reality. Have we ever seen, to a greater degree, a lack of ethics, as we have seen?

We judge presidents, often, on their heritage, and often depends on various factors! How do you think who is present will be judged and considered?


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