Why you should advertise on Facebook at night

How many times have you prepared to fall asleep only to find yourself scrolling through your Facebook timeline? If you are one of the millions of Facebook users, you are probably participating in this “ritual”. Correction, “tribal ritual”. Marketers who understand this parallel can either rely on surveys to increase their sales or dig a little deeper to understand why product placement on Facebook overnight is effective.

It is undeniable that the rise of social media is transforming our fundamental behaviors at the start of the 21st century; However, underneath all the technological jargon, we humans are still a social species. Please indulge me as I make a little comparison between the habit of millions of Facebook users and that of nomadic tribes.

There was a time when members of a tribe all gathered around a giant bonfire and shared stories before retreating to their makeshift tents or caves. These stories ranged from myths to accomplishments, acting as social stickers for the tribe. Now replace the bonfire glow on the faces of these primitive tribes / women with fully lit iPad screens. What you really get are our modern day tribesmen at a digital bonfire. We always aspire to belong, to hear the opinions of others in our circle, to reflect on our own lives, and to inadvertently compare our possessions. Whether it is the ivory necklace around the wife of our tribal leader, or the Louis Vuitton bag tied around our pioneer girlfriend visiting Paris.

Why are Facebook users more vulnerable to brand infiltration at night? Well, any psychologist can tell you that, to tired, relaxed, or restless night users. The digital bonfire is something they look forward to before falling asleep. As they slide in and out of consciousness, these users are starting to internalize the latest fashions, luxury cars, and the brand’s love brands in general. And since many Facebook users tend to filter their timeline with their happiest selves, we find little reason to enjoy our own lives. We can think, “Oh my God, these people look so happy, and these brands, these love marks must be part of the package deal …” So! This is one of the ways that desire can be sown on Facebook. Common sense, right? Yet, it’s amazing how many professionals neglect our human nature. Neuromarketing experts can support me on this point: we humans are very likely to internalize simple associations without conscious consent.

Tonight, influencers hidden in your social circle can fill your timeline with brand-focused content, disguised as part of a it’s life way of life. Will you be influenced? Do you think this is unethical? Or are you tempted to test this for your client? The truth is, you might have done it before, but not necessarily for your client. There are just too many brands in this world for us to have unbranded broadcasts of ourselves on Facebook. So the real question is not “why should you advertise on Facebook at night”, but how far you should go to be on everyone’s mind before the digital bonfire goes off. turn off.

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