Why is today’s news not NORMAL?


Many people today feel anxious, if not somewhat depressed, by the present, the political atmosphere, the rhetoric and the vitriol to which they are exposed on a daily basis! The United States of America has never been so polarized, divided, etc., as it is, perhaps today, since the American Civil War! How does the nation, or what it represents, benefit from it, when our constitutional guarantees, in particular those concerning freedoms, freedoms and justice for all, seem to be under siege? At the very least, it’s not ORDINARY, but, perhaps, more importantly, when a free press, freedom of speech, the balance of power, separation of church and state, and a fair justice system, appear threatened, and, partiality, persecution, etc., become the standard, our nation’s place in the world is threatened! With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to review, review, revise and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what it means and why, it would be wise to pay attention, as soon as possible.

1. News; mean; negative: When President Trump appears to declare anything he does not agree with, such as fake news etc. and calls out the media, the Enemy of the people, our nation’s goal, is threatened! Consistently being mean and negative is seldom in the best interest of the nation or the world!

2. Options; Opportunities; open mind; oppressive: When prejudices and prejudices prevail over fairness and openness, our public options are harmed and opportunities, to be greater, are reduced! Freedom and liberty, as well as the American way of life, seldom benefit from oppressive leadership and / or rhetoric!

3. Relevant; sensitive; responsible; reactionary: Make America Great Again, implies that the nation has lost its way! Reactionary leadership, emphasizing selective freedoms and freedoms, instead of, for all, is seldom relevant, in a positive and productive way! Responsible leadership is responsible for relevant and lasting directions, focused on the ideals and principles we stand for!

4. Moral; motivations; patterns; significant: The morale of our citizens is damaged when the morality of our leaders becomes questionable, and / or selfish! We need to question the real motives, and if, someone’s motives properly align with the best interests of the nation and our citizens! Only then will the actions be more meaningful and a certain sense of normalcy will be restored!

5. Attitude; Warning; aptitude; Speak clearly; antagonizes: Whether we support or oppose President Trump, we must admit, the message, he articulates, is not, unlike any of his predecessors, in recent memory! His attitude seems to be, My way or the highway, and he reacts, each time someone asks, his actions, his behaviors or his ideas! Additionally, the many apparent lies, distortions and inaccuracies, along with its apparent lack of preparation and development of the necessary skills and competencies, arouse fear and concern in many! What good is it to upset a lot, for the good of the country?

6. Losers; Listen; learn: Empathetic leaders listen and learn effectively, but, the current occupant of the White House, seldom seems to follow these guidelines! The American public and our way of life become the losers, when it becomes the standard!

Wake up America because today’s news is not ORDINARY, and our constitutional guarantees, in particular, as regards freedoms, freedoms and justice, for all, seem threatened! Do you commit to becoming a better informed and prepared voter and citizen?


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