Why is there so much NEGATIVE news?


We live in a period of time when people seem to be either compulsive, news – junkies, obsessed with watching stations that only report current events, that support their personal / political agenda, or, avoiding any reporting, altogether! It can be, at least, to some extent, because there are so many NEGATIVE information, reported and, for many of us, experience constant and unwanted anxiety, stress and anguish, because of world affairs. It seems we have never seen so much negative as positive information before, but, while there always has been, the degree and gravity of what is happening in our nation and in the world has not never been so extreme! With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to examine, review, review and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the key considerations.

1. Nervous; Needs: Many surveys indicate that a large part of the population is, unfortunately, nervous about the potential impacts and ramifications of these events. When problems, so close, take a negative impact, our needs, attitudes and attention become distracted (and, no, in a good way)!

2. Energy: When we are constantly bombarded with things that drain our energy, many people start their days in a bad mood, and do not look forward to the possibilities, and the opportunities, that may present themselves!

3. Gravity: Consider the potential gravity of what could happen, due to the shortsighted policies and priorities, of our public servants! This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as our inability to solve problems, such as climate change, and protect our environment, before it’s too late, risks serious ramifications for the sustainability of our planer! When this is combined, with the many worries, regarding global and national economies, job security and world peace, why should there not be so much negative speculation and anxiety!

4. Attitude; Warning; articulate: Only when our officials, moving forward, with a real attitude, can – do, and are ready, willing and able to pay close attention to real priorities, and in a coherent manner articulate a corresponding, inspiring and motivating message. , that we are witnessing happier and healthier citizens!

5. Long; Asset: Whether we support him or oppose him, there is little doubt that President Trump is carrying out the duties of his office in a very different way from that of his predecessors! His use of negative rhetoric, blame, complaints, and the polarization of our nation not only takes time, but creates a focus, on what is wrong, rather than what is better and needed!

6. Picture; integrity; imagination: When a leader emphasizes their self-image, rather than seeking to pursue the highest degree of genuine integrity, we all suffer! The nation and the world need leadership, with a relevant and lasting imagination, focused on the best way forward, in the future!

7. Vision; values: Our leaders need a vision that brings people together rather than creating adversaries! What happened to the finest American stocks?

8. Durable; effects / effective: Shouldn’t the lasting legacy of the leader be to create the best long term effective, efficient way?

It is time for all of us to say that we have had enough of this atmosphere of constant negativity! Wake up America and demand better and more!


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