Why does it seem like he doesn’t care?


Although in many ways President Donald Trump looks different than any of his predecessors in recent memory, perhaps, what worries so many Americans most about him is that it seems, to be, without any real empathy, and doesn’t. t seems CARE! Most of us don’t remember at any time recently when this nation seemed so divided and polarized, and when there was so little effort, to put the greater good first, and try to ‘reach, a meeting-of-the-minds! Even, after the recent and high-profile health episode, this individual may have lived, he took the equivalent of a joy ride, while claiming to be infected, with COVID, etc. To the surprise of many medical professionals and experts, dismissing him from the hospital after so few days seemed to be misguided, but as the Commander-in-Chief he can dictate actions and in many ways his military doctors, communicate their health, etc. While most people might become more empathetic, after a personal health – fear (or worse), Trump, upon his return to the White House, posed for promotional photos, and removed his mask, potentially endangering. the welfare of those with whom he came into contact. Simply put, it looks like Trump doesn’t care! With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what it means and stands for, and why it is important.

1. Character; coarse; con: Maybe one of the first words that comes to my mind about Trump is rude. This term is defined as lacking in sensitivity, refinement or intelligence. While this nation and the citizens of the world would benefit, if the American leader displayed quality of character, which focused on meaningful service, planning and actions, the current president seems to lack this trump card! Some believe he is more of a crook, rather than a statesman!

2. Attitude; Warning; aptitude; Actions; articulate: The combination of his body language and rhetoric seems to indicate a lack of any kind of positive attitude one can do! Does he seem to pay more attention to his personal / political agenda and / or self-interest than the greater good? Is he as prepared as we would prefer, or does his skills and abilities seem somewhat limited? We have to measure someone by a combination of the words they articulate, and the actions, taken!

3. Reasoning / justification; results; relevant; reality: How many times have we heard statements made by this president that seem to be, simply, Trump’s alternate reality? Does his rhetoric, focus and accent make him one, feel his reasoning and rationale are really relevant?

4. Empathy; emphasis; expectations; under pressure: Don’t you think we would feel better and more confident if a leader showed genuine empathy, while President Trump, on the other hand, seems to lack this approach? We would benefit if someone focused their emphasis, on all citizens, and we have beliefs and expectations, the individual cares more about those whom he has been elected, to serve and represent, than he- even! Instead of just trying to inspire and energize his main supporters, wouldn’t it be better if he tried to motivate us all for the common good?

You are probably not alone, if you feel and believe President Trump is not. CARE! We need smarter leaders!


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