What is avant-garde fashion?


According to the dictionary, the avant-garde current is an artistic current which fights against the forms and traditions already known and accepted, suggesting a revolutionary formula. In other words, this avant-garde can be considered as an innovative artistic movement, born from a spirit of negation and revolt against a certain traditionalism. It has become synonymous with innovation, progress and rebellion.

In fashion, avant-garde style is defined by its personality. Many designers were asked to define this style and they all added a certain term to define it: sophisticated, mysterious, intimidating, intriguing, striking. Accessories should be very modern, unusual, but elegant. All clothing should be matched with hats, belts or shoes of the most unusual shapes.

Models can be intimidating because what they are wearing is beyond a normal image. Avant-garde fashion means a bit of drama. Most of the time, the clothes cannot be worn on the street because they belong to a flamboyant style. They are very innovative and can be a bit shocking. Either way, this style doesn’t just refer to fashion. It means a mix between fashion and art. Avant-garde fashion teaches women to have a certain attitude.

Fashion-forward clothing means unusual clothing, which attracts attention and doesn’t let you disappear in the crowd. In fact, when we talk about avant-garde fashion, we shouldn’t be talking just about clothes. Ultimately, the result of the avant-garde must be a whole form. For this reason, makeup should go hand in hand with clothing.

Make-up should express something new, unexpected and even exotic. A niche for the avant-garde style of fashion was linked to men and items made especially for them.

At first, women were the perfect role models to highlight these innovative ideas. Little by little, the creators extended to men. First of all, they wanted to surprise through their clothes, later every little detail mattered. An example can be the boots designed especially for them. A mixture of styles, the first tendency to reject and then the madness of wearing them are some of the reactions encountered.


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