What are potatoes made of?

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I would love to immerse myself in one of my favorite things (and most chefs) to cook. We consume potatoes on a daily basis whether it’s mashed potatoes, French fries, French fries, thickening soups, or even enjoying a glass of vodka with your caviar. Three hundred and twenty five million tonnes of potatoes are grown each year around the world, but what are they actually made of?


Well, for starters, one of the most desirable materials in a potato is starch. A potato, depending on the variety, is made up of about 18% starch. This is what makes the potato one of the most consumed vegetables in the world. This is what makes French fries, roasted potatoes, potato pancakes and homemade French fries crisp, brown and delicious. You want high starch potatoes for frying and low starch for mashed potatoes, that’s because if a potato is too starchy, it will make mashed potatoes. sticky earth. If you have a little patience, you can use the starch to your advantage to create a very fresh fenestrated crisps by cutting two very thin slices of potato, putting a parsley leaf in between and frying them.


Depending on the variety of potato and where it was grown, the water content of a potato is around 78%. Potatoes with more water, such as Yukon Gold or Red Bliss, are ideal for mashed potatoes, gratins or baking. Potatoes with less moisture are best for frying or sautéing.

The rest of the potato is made up of many good things such as around 2-5% protein, which the USDA has found to have high nutritional value. Vitamin C, sugar, fiber and 1% fat.

I hope I have taught you a little more about the potato and help you appreciate this great vegetable. A vegetable that had fed the poor and hungry for centuries.

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