Way of life of a trucker

Truckers are one of the most essential parts of daily life and are important in many sectors of the industry including retail, automotive, manufacturing, food and restaurant. A truck driver’s lifestyle has an element of glamor that attracts many young drivers to the market. For example, truck drivers have incredible opportunities to visit various parts of the country, while developing exceptional driving skills. However, as with all careers, a career in trucking has its pros and cons, which is the highlight of this article.

Benefits of a career in trucking

The first major benefit of a career in trucking is that supply and demand favor demand. Jobs are very easy to find due to the very high demand and often minimum qualifications are required to enter them.

Yes, the days can be very long and arduous, but if you think about it, all you really do is drive – and for that, you can make a nice income without really exhausting yourself. Many beginners earn up to $ 45,000 their first year and $ 55,000 the second. Plus, you don’t have to worry about other expenses, so you can save a bit during your years of working in the business. No auto payments, utilities, insurance, or even rent – and some companies allow you to take your truck home, so you might not even need a car!

By registering with a reputable company, you will also be well taken care of in terms of equipment. Many trucks are rarely more than 3 years old, so they can feel like new.

Most truck stops are also open 24/7, so there will always be a wide range of fun people you can meet and talk to. So we’ve covered a few of the pros, now on to the cons.

Disadvantages of a Trucking Career

Probably the biggest downside to the trucking lifestyle is that it can be a ‘family killer’ in a nutshell. Long-haul truck drivers spend up to 3 weeks on the road without seeing friends and family. This nomadic lifestyle can be very appealing if you are single but is disastrous if you have a family. You will meet many foreigners and interesting people along the way.

Plus, your friends and family will go on with their lives – and those lives don’t involve you anymore! This means that there can always be a “warm-up” period to go through each time you see them again.

Many truckers also find it difficult to follow a healthy diet on the road, as you are continually limited to low-nutrition restaurants or fast food options on the road. Although over time, you may find new favorite restaurants along the way, which can make dining out more fun, especially when repeating certain routes.

There is no need to despise the trucking lifestyle, as the pros often outweigh the cons. Don’t worry about what people think of the trucking lifestyle these days. If they only had the chance to experience what you are going through, their lives would only be enriched.

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