Trump, will he be Trump or will he try to reinvent himself? : 5 considerations

It seems, to many, that the Republican Party is currently undergoing an apparent – battle, for its soul, in terms of what it seeks to represent, in the future! The rhetoric, to date, of many of its current public leaders seems to discuss more about improving their political influence / power etc, than articulating a policy related program / plan! There seems to be a rift between those who started with former President Trump and those who want to move forward in a different direction. The split seems to be even greater between the grassroots than the politicians! We have seen, reports, a cleavage, and potential, split, between the two approaches, etc! Also, whether one supports or opposes Donald Trump, most agree he was different, in many ways, from his predecessors (although some like it, and others like it). no) ! From the questioning of past elections, to the process, to the integrity of the system, etc., as well as to the vitriol / rhetoric, he articulated and apparent, allowing, of some of the hateful, it does not seem normal! After this political defeat / loss, we have to ask ourselves if Trump will be Trump, or try to reinvent himself! With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to examine, review, revise, and discuss that and what the ramifications might be.

1. Look at both his words and his actions: Will the statements, public and private, made, change, tone, etc., or will they stay the same? To do this, it is important to closely examine / monitor, both, words and actions, and, in the case of this individual, if they continue to articulate false – assertions, etc., as that verifiers of political facts, he did it, in the past, approximately, 5 years!

2. Will he come back to the vitriol, to the name – to call, blame and complain, and encourage enemies, etc. ? : Many believe, while Trump may not have organized many of these misdeeds, his vitriol and rhetoric seems to allow and empower some of these people! For example, after the insurrection, on Capitol Hill, many of them, captured, claim, they believe, to do what their President asked them to do! Will we see a continuation of that or a different tone? Can a leopard change spois?

3. Who / how is he going to blame and complain? : Many politicians blame and complain about their political opponents because, unfortunately, the politics of hate and anger seems to work! We have to observe, if he shows, any change, in this behavior / tendency?

4. Personal legal issues: Since he is no longer President, he loses many of the apparent legal protections that the incumbent has! There are a variety of legal cases, already in place, and others under consideration, in various states and regions, and New York State has already been granted access to its tax returns (ordered by the Supreme Court). Will he whip, pretending he is the victim or will he act in a more normal way?

5. Will he maintain his political base / his main supporters? : Its main supporters appear to be the most loyal we have witnessed in recent memory! How is he going to balance / align his political aspirations / interests, as opposed to what some see as a different direction?

Simply put, will Trump continue to be Trump or try to reinvent / repackage himself? Wake up, America, before it’s too late!

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