Trump Schutzpah and Russian Gelt

Donald Trump is a past master in the art of nurturing his ambition by making the most of his country’s freedom. He is good at bending the law and blaming others for the crime. When local funding dried up after repeated failures, Trump found black money readily available after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Wealthy oligarchs drew Trump’s attention to Putin as his next target. for the expansion of the faltering Trump empire.

The suspicious Putin was elusive, but Trump wooed him with a Miss Universe pageant that Putin did not attend. This was followed by a Trump proposal from Moscow that was still in limbo when Trump became President of the United States. At that point, Trump’s dealings with the oligarchs were so convoluted around the world that a two-year investigation by Special Prosecutor Mueller remained confusing an archaic US policy of not prosecuting a sitting president.

Russia does not have such a policy. He doesn’t need it. The prosecutors there are handpicked by Putin and they disappear if they cross him.

U.S. intelligence has determined that Russia played a role in electing Trump and Putin had no concerns about Trump making his offer. Far from there. With his new post, Trump rejected American intelligence and invited Russians to the Oval Office where he bragged about third-country intelligence. The American press was excluded from this meeting but the Russian media were welcome, perhaps to install listening devices in the process. When the alarm was raised about such a violation of standards, Trump launched a campaign of terror that surely endeared him to Putin.

Taking a page from the bully playbook, Trump called the legitimate media “fake news,” ignoring the fact-checking and sourcing that comes into stores ahead of the stories. From another page of that same book, Trump drums is found in the sensible. Now under fire from criticism, Trump is calling for retaliation, sending top U.S. government members abroad to smear the U.S. justice system.

As the last straw that ultimately led to impeachment hearings, Trump withheld money from Ukraine that Congress had allocated. It was a shakedown to squeeze dirt out of a political opponent. It came at a time when Russia had already annexed Crimea and was encroaching more on Ukraine. The money Trump withheld was intended to help Ukraine fight the Russians.

America has a scrupulous legal system. He is so concerned with protecting the rights of the accused that Special Prosecutor Mueller was unable to indict an American who was clearly implicated in misconduct.

Any collusion between Trump and Putin to manipulate Ukraine for mutual gain can be difficult to prove. However, it cannot be removed from the table. It hangs in the air and in the very real realm of the possible.

Trump has the shameless nerve to try anything to get ahead of everyone by any means. From the Oval Office, he doesn’t even use his own money to send his shadow government figures around the world to smear his own government. The goal is revenge, whether against current perceived enemies or those from the past who have crossed paths with it. The goal is to prove the strength of his anger.

Putin apparently approves of Trump’s Oval Office mode of government to rule the freedom-loving United States. He may have provided advice during impromptu closed meetings to U.S. media and overseers charged with maintaining the protocols that keep a complex U.S. system of government functioning.

With Trump in the Oval Office, the crafty Putin has a new use for him. He once avoided the transparent and selfish Trump, now he has the ultimate American dupe.

Trump wants money and he wants to stay in power to keep doing it. Putin has a lot of money with his country’s lax laws allowing the oligarchs to spread their wings across the world with the skills they learned during the Soviet occupation of half of Europe.

Together they can rule the world, they may say in their secret conversations. These, however, are only secrets to America. Putin has records. Trump doesn’t.

Perhaps the Ukrainian impeachment investigation will prompt some brave Russians to disclose the content of these talks. The United States will then have to protect the Russian hero with its whistleblower laws.

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