Trump denial: 7 dangerous examples


Standard operating procedure, for this president, whenever, anything and / or anyone, disagrees with what appears to be, his or her personal / political agenda, point of view, perspective and / or personal interest is to attempt to distract, label it bogus and / or hoax, deny any involvement, change the narrative (when it seems to fit its goals) and blame someone else! When this is done, for minor issues, it can be boring and obviously less than honest, but the ramifications might not be so extreme! However, when the disclaimers concern more essential matters, it can result in damage and / or even clear and present danger! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly. consider, examine, review and discuss 7 dangerous examples of this behavior and how it affects us negatively.

1. Climate change: Although President Donald Trump seems to downplay the potential ramifications of refusing to proactively deal with climate change, almost every expert warns us, not only is it real, but if we don’t address it, sooner, rather than later, it will have huge ramifications, in terms of the sustainability of our planet! Although this country was one of the founders of the Paris Agreements, it sidelined us, which makes the United States, the only great nation in the world, to have done so! With warming temperatures, much more damaging, major storms, melting at the Earth’s poles, etc., the only logical conclusion is that Trump is denying it, because it does not fit perfectly on his agenda!

2. Russian interference: Almost every intelligence agency, as well as, even the Republican-led Senate committee, proclaim that Russia interfered in our 2016 election and appears to be trying to do so, again, in 2020. Of course, Trump denies this. , because, he can feel it, admitting it, could make his election appear much less attractive!

3. Conflicts of interest / ethics: Have we ever, in recent memory, observed the degree of conflicts of interest and ethical implications, as we have done with this administration? Remember, when Trump supporters chanted, Drain The Swamp, and yet the current swamp, seems much more cohesive than during any previous administration. Of course, Trump denies it and refers to these facts, as a hoax, perpetuated, by the alleged false media!

4. Allow haters; rhetoric / vitriol; ethnic / racial insults, etc .: Whether it was his intention or not, there is little doubt, Trump’s rhetoric and vitriol has given some of the enemies a sense of being, empowered and empowered! He has articulated ethnic and racial slurs, and used slurs, etc., but, when someone mentions it, he claims that no one has done as much for minorities as he has!

5. Foreign police: It seems that he has often sided with some of our traditional enemies and opposed our traditional allies. Its relations in the Middle East, Korea, China and Russia have often been at odds with the advice of foreign policy experts! He keeps telling us, how wonderful he is!

6. Pandemic: The combination of Trump, a shifting narrative, seeming to prioritize economics, public health, refusing to wear and / or, encouraging others, to wear a mask and pay attention to social distancing, and proclaim, the virus, would, just, go away, etc., should be of concern to us! During this election campaign, we have witnessed his version of the wonderful work he did, and the number of lives saved, even though our country, with less than 5% of the world’s population, has had more than 20 % of cases and deaths!

7. Take personal responsibility: Shouldn’t a leader take personal responsibility instead of blaming, complaining and never admitting doubts etc.? What happened, to Harry Truman’s famous slogan, proclaiming, The Buck Stops Here?

We need healthier leadership that, instead of denying and using populist rhetoric, effectively creates and uses strategic planning, in order to implement the best plan of action! Wake up, America, before it’s too late!


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