Top ten tips for packing and moving

The exhausting nature of mobile homes often leaves a search for quick tips and tricks to make it simpler. Here’s our list of the most proven packing and moving tips. These are simple to follow and have a great impact to make it a stress free experience.

01. Make a list of daily tasks

Listing the details of your move is always the first step. Remember, the sooner you get started, the easier it will be for you. It is recommended to do this at least 4 weeks before the move. It doesn’t have to be perfect and you can keep reviewing it.

02. Toiletries, important papers and jewelry move with you

This is one of the best tips for packing and moving. Either way, these three categories of items cannot be left to anyone else. Before moving day, be sure to pack them up and keep them with you.

03. Sell your old mess

If you have any unused items lying around the house, sell them before you move. With online selling being so easy these days, these will sell out quickly and effortlessly. You will decrease your total volume and cover part of your moving costs.

04. Use the services of a handyman for specialized electronics

This is another awesome, but overlooked, packing and moving tips. If you have items like a home theater, RO water purifier, or similar complex electronics, you will need specialist help. These items cannot be unplugged and packaged. Ask the respective brands to help you.

05. Do your research on packers and movers

When choosing professional help, research is essential. With everyone claiming to be the best at what they do, you’ll have to get down to business. For example, find out about their use of packaging materials like bubble wrap and the quality of the cardboard.

06. Obtain transport insurance

Just like you buy insurance for your car, transport insurance provides additional security. This doesn’t mean that something is necessarily going to go wrong, but it will prevent your wallet from hurting if something does happen. Always go there.

07. Pending invoices and service disconnection

Before you move, make sure you pay your water and electricity bills. Also remember to disconnect the internet and kitchen gas services.

08. Change address and provide amenities at the new house

You don’t want to start half-ready at your new location. Before moving in, make sure that all the services that you disconnected from your old accommodation are ready in your new accommodation.

09. Watch out for fragile objects

Even if you hire professionals, these are your dishes, your mirror and your fragile pieces. You must pay special attention to their packaging. If they are all packed in a fairly small box, it is best to transport them in your car.

10. Categorize items and label boxes

When the movement begins, make sure you have a marker on hand. As soon as a box is packed, mark it with your name, the box number and the part it will go in. It will make your life much easier when unpacking.

We hope that when you decide to move, you can use these tips for packing and moving. They are sure to make this complex job easy for you.

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