Top fashion trends for plus size women

In the not-so-distant past, tall women were expected to wear whatever clothing they wanted, and that’s it. Today that has changed and plus size clothing is some of the most fashionable clothing on the market.

Unfortunately, some women are still stuck in a fashion rut. They don’t know what to wear for their body type. Some women think one size fits all in the extra curvy world, but that’s not true.

Women with extra curves have as much variation in their body types as women with other body types. So, dressing for their shape is of the utmost importance. But, what’s fabulous is that today’s woman, no matter what size, can wear any look that she wants to wear.

One of the biggest trends right now is skinny jeans and yes, taller women can wear them. Skinny jeans can be unforgiving, but it just takes a little bit of adjustment to get the look to work for the curvy ensemble.

Choosing mid-rise jeans and making sure they are the right size will go a long way in helping the plus size ensemble. So many women are glued to a number instead of the actual cut, that many do not wear the correct size for their shape.

Another style that works well on any size is the print. For years, tall women have been told to stay away from the look when they should have kissed them. It might sound amazing, but prints are suitable for all body types.

The key to successfully wearing prints is knowing which assets to showcase and which to hide. A quick rule of thumb is that prints worn on the bottom will enhance a naughty posterior while prints on the top can easily reduce a large bust. However, hourglass prints are suitable for all body types and give the illusion of full and beautiful curves.

Prints are too much for some women, but another fun big trend is color. Neon has been a major look for the past year or so. However, the rules for wearing prints are to wear them on the part of the body you want to showcase. Then grind them with a neutral color for best results.

Bright colors aren’t new, but the next style has been holding onto the fashion world for quite some time now and it’s not going to go away. Peplums were back in fashion with the 40s trend, but what’s interesting is that the 40s are no longer in fashion, but the peplum still holds up.

Curvy women can wear this fashion, but they need to be careful about their height. Basques emphasize a slim waist, so women with a good hip-to-waist ratio should wear this look confidently. The look is sexy and feminine at the same time and makes men salivate.

Jumpsuits (or rompers) can take a woman from day to night with a little adjustment, so it’s no wonder this style has taken off. Still, it is very difficult for some curvy women to get by, so they have to try on the jumpsuit before they drop a few pounds on fashion.

A bad jumpsuit will make the wearer look chunky while a well-fitting romper will showcase all the right pieces. Much like a basque, a well-fitting romper and belt jumpsuit can draw attention to a tiny waist.

These fashions are fabulous, but women should not forget to finish the outfit with accessories. Accessories are the fastest way to update a basic outfit and well-dressed women know their importance.

Every woman has the right to take advantage of trends. They just need to know what to wear for their body type. Plus size women can wear whatever they want as long as they know their proportions and styles to suit them.

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