Tips for packing your clothes for a move


A lot of preparation and planning goes into moving into a new home. All of these preparations are important to make sure that all of your belongings will also accompany you to your new home. This means that none of your key belongings will be left behind and are ready to be unpacked and used when they reach their destination.

Packing your bags is part of preparing for a move. Clothing is one of the items you own that you need to make sure you pack properly. While you could say that it’s more important that all of your clothes arrive at your new home before or at the same time as you do, you would do well to pack all your wardrobes properly so that they don’t get damaged and that you can wear them immediately after moving.

Here are some helpful tips you can follow when packing your clothes for your move:

Find out if you can leave your clothes in the drawers of your bedroom wardrobes.

If you find the task of emptying your dresser before your move too much work, check with the movers if you can just leave your clothes inside. Movers may have no problem with this, especially if the wardrobe wouldn’t be too heavy, even if your clothes are there. However, make sure these drawers can be locked and that you have the keys to open them once they have been delivered to your new accommodation.

Use the correct storage unit.

Regular boxes will work if you pack smart. It involves folding and labeling the contents of your closet or clothing in a systematic way so that many of them can fit in each box. By packing properly, you also avoid wrinkling your clothes too much. Also, you can use some kind of tissue or wrapping paper to keep your clothes clean and fresh in the box.

Specialized wardrobe boxes with built-in racks can also be used to carry hanging clothes. If you want your clothes to arrive at their destination wrinkle-free, consider putting them in and using them for the move.

Use your luggage.

Finally, if you have oversized luggage and will take it with you when you move, pack it with your clothes. Your luggage will be perfect for moving your delicate or expensive clothes. Using your luggage will also allow you to easily identify where your clothes are on the moving truck.


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