Tips for Packing a Suitcase – The Stack Method


Well packing a suitcase has upset many travelers! But it’s not too complicated if you know the tricks. The goal, as always, is to maximize space while avoiding a suitcase full of crumpled and unsustainable clothes. Fortunately, there are several ways to achieve this. This article examines the Stack method.

1) Determine in advance how much and what type of clothing you will need for your trip. Obviously, a weeklong city break requires more than a weekend in the countryside. Ask yourself: what does the weather report say? Will you have a laundromat where you go? It goes without saying that you won’t need hiking boots for a beach vacation or a suit while camping!

2) Carry only small toiletries if possible. Be sure to seal them in plastic bags to prevent spills. If you really need bigger bottles or packaging, at least make sure they have a practical shape – flat instead of round or uneven. Choose bottles with screw-on or secure caps that won’t suddenly open.

3) Before you start packing, make a list. Then reduce that list by about 10% or so. It helps if you determine your outfits in advance, so you know if all the items are really needed. Once you’ve made sure you don’t take too many unnecessary things, you’re ready to pack.

The Stack method

1. Start with shirts, t-shirts and tops. Stack them all on top of each other without folding them. Make sure the easiest to crumple are at the bottom.
2. Now fold the sleeves together.
3. Fold the shirts in half. You should end up with a roughly rectangular shape. Because they come in a big package, your tops are more resistant to wrinkles and the shape means they will fit well in your suitcase.
4. Fold the pants and jeans individually in half and stack them again in fold order!
5. Hold this stack in half as you did with the shirts and place the rectangle of your pants in the suitcase alongside the stack of shirts.
6. If you have skirts and dresses, lay them out in the suitcase on top of your two rectangles. Tuck the ends around the stacks to save space.
7. Fill your shoes with underwear and socks and place them in the spaces of your suitcase.
8. Do the same with toiletries and other items – but if possible, keep them centered to avoid excessive shock and possible spills.


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