The Afghan Hound – Focus

In the distant mountains of Afghanistan lived a breed of dog known as the Afghan Hound. For centuries this breed of dog has been isolated in these mountains. Nomadic tribes used these dogs to hunt gazelles, hares and other small animals for food. This breed is an heir to the Middle Eastern Southhound – which existed during the time of the Egyptian pharaohs.

Historically, the Afghan Hound hunted the fields with a falcon. These two animals were used to collect food for the tribes. Over the years this breed has developed great hunting skills which have made them very good at this area. Even on rough or steep terrain, she demonstrated incredible blood sport.

These dogs had great speed, power and stamina – even until now. Among all their hunting abilities, their ability to cross great distances and their incredible agility are their best assets. With their long, thick coat, they can tolerate even the coldest mountain climate. They can hunt very well even in very poor working conditions.

It was in the 1900s that the Afghan was introduced to another country, especially England. In this country she was known as the Barukhzy Hound or the Persian Greyhound – to some.

Afghan Hounds had so many varieties in terms of appearance. That is why the breeders decided to come up with the best possible figure, highlighting her elegance and magnificent look. They chose a model dog to “copy” to try and produce the best configuration. Zardin was the name of this model dog. The success of this mission resulted in the Afghan Hound breed we know today.

Unlike other breeds, this one did not become popular immediately after its introduction to other countries. Nonetheless, this breed has slowly made a name for itself in dog shows. She was even considered one of the most competitive and balanced dogs in the ring. Although the Afghan Hound became famous in show business, she was not very popular as a pet.

Judging by her glamorous appearance, most owners would never consider her to be a very skillful hunting dog. Like the Labrador Retriever, this breed is a natural hunter and will always look for opportunities to hunt for prey. The Afghan Hound is a very gentle and gentle dog. She is very social – especially with children – but can sometimes be very shy around people she doesn’t know. As a large dog, she also needs a lot of exercise every day.

To keep her happy and sane, you must satisfy her love of the hunt. You need to allow her to run at full speed, making sure she is safe while she plays. You have to constantly take them outside because they love to play outside freely. You can install a dog door so that it has easy access to the outdoors. In terms of grooming, the Afghan Hound is high maintenance due to its long coat. You have to brush it almost every day to keep it well maintained.

The Afghan Hound is not prone to major health problems. Cataracts can occasionally appear in this breed, but this is only minor. Coronary artery disease and necrotic myelopathy are also seen, again, only rarely.

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