The 5 protected freedoms and why they are important!

Our Founding Fathers, believed so strongly that certain rights and freedoms were essential and should be protected, they identified 5 of them and included them in the First Amendment. Surprisingly, it seems few people realize and acknowledge all of this and, recently, at meetings of the Senate Judiciary Committee, supposedly, are considering qualifying President Trump’s last candidate, for a life nomination, to the Supreme Court. . , one of the Republican senators asked him (apparently, in an attempt, to throw him, a, soft ball), for these protected freedoms, and although she taught law and currently sits on the United States Court of Appeals, she omitted one of them. While it may be understandable, given the circumstances, to appear before this committee, it may also indicate that there is a need for us to stress these elements and try to get more Americans to come to them. know, what they mean, and why is that important. With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to review, review, review, and discuss what it is and what they protect.

1. Freedom of speech: We often refer to this as freedom of speech, but, many do not fully understand what it really is! Freedom of speech does not grant the right to do it, dangerously, so, for example, one cannot shout, Fire, in a theater, or use abusive language, threats, etc., and think it’s protected!

2. Religious freedom: Unfortunately, many candidates and holders of public office equate religious freedom with, blurring the line, between religious rights and the separation of church and state! The Founding Fathers took care to protect his right to practice his religion, while also ensuring that this nation did not have a state religion! Since many of these founders were atheists or agnostics themselves, they believed that no one should be commissioned to observe beliefs that they did not personally possess!

3. Free press: A free press is fundamental for a real democracy, to protect our access to information and real news, instead of just learning what the government and / or any leader wants us to know! When President Trump calls the media an enemy of the people, is that not a clear and current danger to the protection of our rights and freedoms, etc. ?

4. Right to meet: We must protect the right to assemble, in order to protect a component of freedom of speech, liberty and liberty. However, these protests must be peaceful and safe, and if so, must be protected! We need to make sure that anyone who wants to play, by the rules, and come together, peacefully, can, whether we agree or disagree with their cause!

5. Right to petition the government: To ensure, we have the right to appeal, grievances, and, to have no fear, punishment, or retaliation.

These 5 protected freedoms are all specifically listed in the First Amendment. If we hope to preserve the soul of our nation, we must do everything to protect them!

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