Tell Tale Heartless


As Trump continues to unleash fury over his electoral loss, we need to understand that when officials, police, and the military act above the law, lawlessness increases. These people, including Donald Trump, have sworn to serve and protect the public. And yet, over the past 35 years, there have been more cases that have brought lawlessness to our streets. When the United States was subjected to years of dishonest policies, political corruption which is now at the highest level we have seen in decades has increased the number of millions of poor to unprecedented levels. It is not since the Great Depression that America has experienced such a spread of homelessness, famine and acute poverty.

The lifeline that Congress launched today in hopes of saving the American public appears to be tied to an anchor. An anchor that will only drown millions of others in a sea of ​​despair and despair. As Congress has done so many times over the past decades, whenever there is a crisis, they are always Johnny on hand to save the haves while the haves continue to drown. What they did with this last stimulus is a case in point.

As widespread fear and anxiety continue to sweep the world caused by this mutant strain of Covid-19, there has still been no encouraging real verification that vaccines developed in record time are in fact hitting one. to contract this deadly virus and other mutations that are now resurfacing. When other countries acted quickly after the pandemic struck in February and chose to throw vital lines of economic support to their citizens, the United States failed to do so. While other countries issued security protocols and restrictions were put into effect, the United States was once again too few and too late. Therefore, we have the highest death rate of any country in the world. No, only that, but Congress has continued to fail the American public ever since.

This latest signal that Congress is helping the general public from the passage of this latest stimulus deal, it made it clear that they were so concerned about the deficit and their own wallets. This, when the country collapses. Today, so many Republicans and even some Democrats remain dead set on the polarization of party loyalties while systematically and continually ignoring what is good and necessary for the country. You can probably say that they forgot those sacred words spoken by JFK when he said “Don’t ask what your country can do for you but what can you do for your country”. We need to remind these gurus of political expediency that in order to achieve economic stability in times of crisis, one must adhere to Williams’ theory of economic evolution. It states that when you have more people with enough disposable income to spend, save, pay off debt, and invest, that’s the biggest drag on an unstable economy. Even before this pandemic, this nation had and still has the largest wealth gap in our history and, as a result, it creates less financial stability and more economic hardship for the majority of Americans. And now, along with the acute health crisis brought on by this pandemic, it has also caused the greatest humanitarian crisis we have right now.

Never before in modern times have we seen such arrogance and utter disregard for the needs of countries in times of great crisis as we do now. Congress has shown by their examples that they have transformed not only into a body of selfish bureaucrats, but into entities hostile to the American people they have sworn to serve. When other countries like Australia and New Zealand and even Canada responded to this global pandemic, they succeeded in stemming the horrific consequences attributed to the Covid-19 virus and in doing so they are providing all of their citizens the financial resources needed to keep their countries stable. In Australia and New Zealand, each citizen receives a monthly stimulus of $ 1,500 and Canada’s monthly stimulus is $ 2,000 until next spring. As for the United States, certain members of our Congress continue to thwart any effort to stabilize our country.

What our Congress is doing is holding the American people hostage at a time of great urgency to act to stave off what is now a growing humanitarian catastrophe. And, you think that latest direct cash stimulus of $ 600 a one-time infusion into people’s wallets is going to cut it? It is time for us the people to rally in a unified effort to get Congress to pass yet another vital and necessary stimulus bill with monthly cash payments of $ 2,000 through November 2021 to all Americans. whose annual income is less than $ 150,000. Failure to do so will only prevent further economic devastation, more acute poverty, and a greater chance that this pandemic will continue to ravage the country.


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