Stay calm and educated in an angry world


In over a year of having a new president of the United States, the world has become very divided and angry, in need of reassurance and answers that do not come. Who is right? Who’s wrong? How dare the other party think that way? Fake news! The answer to all of this is to educate ourselves, stay calm, identify our own morals, and keep an open mind. Go beyond current events to study the history, psychology and past biographies of political actors.

To really understand why the other side is so angry with your president, read how he came to power. His philosophies, his methods of engaging an audience and the treatment of others. Do you think he’s honest, empathetic, and diplomatic? Does he encourage unity or dissent? Is he a rebel, opening a new path to a better life or a tyrant who uses psychological tactics to manipulate and control everyone around him? Do you agree with his methods or do they bother you? Only you can decide what is right and wrong. Follow your true inner beliefs, not someone else’s. Keeping a calm mind allows us to think clearly and not get overwhelmed.

Reading history is a good way to understand the leadership styles of the past, to compare with how leaders are today. Truly understanding the rise of WWII, how FDR, Churchill, and Hitler ruled, helps us compare ourselves to modern leadership methods. Their styles were very different. It took countries coming together as a team to manage an aggressive dictator who came to power on the basis of manipulation, charisma and lies. Hitler’s Rise to Power is a study in the psychology of mood disorders such as sociopathy and narcissism. Without judgment or anger, notice how a person like this went from the promise of the sun and the moon to the people, and then took his country and others to the depths of destruction. What was his motivation? Power and control.

The study of psychological disorders helps to understand the motivations of leaders suffering from mood disorders. The most malicious, the dictators, are cunning sociopaths and narcissists. They use brainwashing techniques such as charisma, the constant repetition of lies and rallies to reinforce their beliefs over and over again, until the most vulnerable members of the public believe them. They then build on this base of lies by using psychological techniques such as “gaslighting” to slowly gain control and acceptance. Over time, they start to intimidate and attack those who disagree with them. Their tactics become more and more cruel and intense over time. Just observe and compare / contrast the old rulers to those of today. Who is a good and fair leader? who is not? Ignoring partisan lines and what the news is saying, who do you think is right for you and your family?

Ultimately, it is important to note that we cannot change the opinion of others when it comes to political parties. Our duty is to ourselves, knowing the real facts and not relying on general gossip from different sources. Take the emotion out of it all and focus only on the facts. Read the cited articles on history, psychology and understand that they are valid in helping us understand the mistakes of the moody and ultimately failed rulers of the past. Our future depends on all of us who stand for honesty, diplomacy and fairness. Relying on unhealthy people is nothing more than a recipe for failure, so we need to be very careful in our choices. Look beyond the glitter, charisma and glamor and see the real personality. In a world of fake news, relying on facts is our way out of chaos.


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