Spotlight on Victory Martial Arts


In this article, we will highlight one of the great schools in the Bay area. Victory Martial Arts Schools (VMAs) have institutions in Florida, Texas, Nevada, New York, Michigan, Virginia, Wisconsin, and California. In San Jose, this Victory Martial Arts location is located at 6085 Snell Avenue. The whole philosophy of Victory Marital Arts is aimed at helping students develop physically and mentally in order to become successful leaders in all aspects of life.

Although VMA’s teaching focuses on developing fitness and self-defense knowledge, they want to instill in their students a desire to make a difference in their community and create a better world. The VMA family is made up of more than 150 professional instructors, motivation experts and staff members who have strived to foster the personal growth of their students for more than two decades. The courses available at VMA schools include courses for children, adolescents, adults and families.

The victory has four masters: the chief master Von Schmeling, the main master Casco, the master Nery and the master Zamboni. Chief Teacher Von Schmeling is an 8th degree black belt, in addition to being president and founder of the Victory School of Life. Sr. Master Casco joined the Victory team in 1999, but was inspired to become an instructor many years before by Chief Master Von Schmeling. Master Nery graduated with a Masters in Sparring / Self Defense and was an instructor at the First VMA School in Winter Park, Florida. Master Zamboni has been a member of the Victory staff since 2008, although he first met Master Chef Von Schmeling in 1991. All of the Victory Masters have won prestigious titles, won numerous awards and have certifications and special achievements, which allowed them to form thousands of students and families.

Besides being a great place to learn martial arts, VMA also offers activities outside of the martial arts classroom. Many events are touted as an opportunity for parents to drop their kids off at a fun event and have an evening for themselves, also known as “Parents Night Out”. Some of these events are Glow Staff Parents Night Out, Valentine’s Day Parent’s Night Out Party, End of Year’s Night Out. There’s also a Halloween costume contest, adult self-defense and anti-kidnapping class, special training and guest instructors, and a summer camp. There is also an annual victory gala and awards celebration which is a fantastic event for students, families and victory leaders. At the gala there are Black Belt Awards, Victory Prizes, Demonstrations and Special Guests.

Victory prides itself on being a family place; a place that welcomes students of all ages and all levels. The ultimate goal is to help students become the best person they can be – mind, body and spirit. Through the development of self-confidence and personal responsibility, learning to overcome doubts and communicating with different age groups, Victory students acquire leadership skills that enable them to be successful both at the same time. inside and outside the martial arts classroom.


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