Simple tips to improve and simplify your travel packaging

It doesn’t matter if you are packing for a long or short trip, whether for business or pleasure, one way to save time to get started is to make and use a list. Using a list, it will be easy to check off all the items to make sure nothing is missed and all items are absolutely necessary. Include the list in your luggage as a handy guide so you don’t forget anything when repacking.

When deciding what clothes to pack, mixing and matching the clothes saves space and tends to reduce the number of outfits actually needed. If possible, choose a pair or two of shoes that coordinate with the majority of outfits.

Another important rule of thumb is not to be fooled by the myriad of travel gadgets available. Not only do a lot of them not perform well, they take up space in the packaging. A simple rule of thumb to consider is this: If it’s not a smaller version of something that you absolutely can’t do without while you’re on the road, then don’t pack it. One travel item that is of the utmost importance is the clear and unique luggage tags. A unique tag makes it easier to spot your luggage on the busy and fast carousels when you are tired after a long-haul flight.

Scanning important data like passport, ID photos, paper tickets and other travel documents into an email account like Yahoo or Hotmail can be very useful and easily accessible when needed. It is also helpful to include loss report numbers for cell phones, credit cards, traveller’s checks, and your travel insurance policy. When packing these items, divide them among the bags and do not include all of them, especially cash, in your carry-on baggage.

Wrapping clothes in plastic bags that are easy to open and organized either by outfit or by item like socks, underwear, etc. optimizes space and facilitates baggage inspection. If you are traveling with other people, dividing an outfit in a bag for each person among the bags in your group avoids accidents when the luggage arrives. Plastic bags should be used for personal care items, as these items are contained in small, legal sized containers and clearly labeled. Purchasing many of these travel size items will save you inspection time as well as valuable space.

Travel and health insurance is definitely a must. Some companies include medical coverage with travel insurance to provide emergency medical care, medical consultations, treatment, and access to referrals for prescription drugs. Travel insurance also offers protection against lost tickets, flight delays and any accidents on public transport. Make sure you find the most acceptable coverage for your needs and have a safe trip.

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