Retirement gifts for a book lover

Retirement gifts are always fun to give, especially if you know the person well and can find a great gift they’ll really appreciate. So if your favorite book lover librarian or teacher is retiring, consider getting some gifts related to one of their favorite hobbies!

Buying a book lover can be difficult, however, as many bookworms are good at finding good prices for books, whether that’s getting the book for free by borrowing from the library or buying discounted books from the library. online or in second-hand bookstores. But instead of having a beautiful book as a retirement gift for a book lover, consider getting some fun book reading accessories.

You might even consider making a small, homemade retirement gift basket filled with these cool book accessories.

Light Book

A reading light can be a great gift for a retiree who plans to travel a lot during retirement. Many reading lights are extremely compact, making them the perfect travel accessory. And a reading light can come in handy when you need to reference a map or just as a small light source when the retiree is in place without a light. Many reading lights also have clips that allow the user to attach it to a book, bed frame, or even a laptop!

Personalized Bookmark

A personalized bookmark can make a really special retirement gift for a librarian or other book lover. Consider engraving the bookmark with a quote from the retiree’s favorite author or even a beautiful retirement quote. If you’re feeling especially creative, you can give the retiree a heartfelt little message from you about their retirement, which is a great way for the retiree to always remember your care.

Electronic reader

Is your book-loving friend a little hesitant, but curious, about going to the “dark side” by buying an e-reader? If your favorite retiree is on the fence then make the decision for him and get an e-reader for him as a retirement gift! E-readers are the perfect way to easily transport thousands of books. Now he will never be without a good book to read. E-readers even let you read magazines and blogs!

One of the advantages of buying an e-reader now, compared to a few years ago, is that there are so many different types of e-readers available that the price of an e-reader has dropped significantly. And the cost of e-books is considerably less than the cost of a book. So your retiring reader can now check out a new book without paying a hefty cover price. An e-reader would be the perfect companion in retirement, especially if your retiree plans to spend a lot of time at the beach, camping, traveling, or just relaxing at home.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect retirement gift for your retiring bookworm, consider book accessories rather than just books. There are so many new features and cool gadgets that any retired book lover will appreciate.

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