Reorient the leftovers


Most recipes are designed for servings of around 6, and for those with fewer or picky kids, leftovers are a problem. What do you do with leftovers? Persnickety will not eat them. Make it something you love, something you can recycle! Persnicketys around the world don’t like leftovers. They should be in disguise and the best way is to plan your menu.

-Don’t have stew on the first night of the week, take tacos. The next day it could turn into a taco soup with leftover corn, canned tomatoes, chopped onions. The cooked shrimp become prawn scampi the next night, and if that doesn’t, make a shrimp stew with cream of potato and cream of shrimp, with one half and one half, of the garlic and red pepper.

-The abandonment of corn, green beans, noodles, squash? Vegetable soup. Save some chicken broth and fill your kitchen with basics like cream of mushroom and chopped or diced tomato. The noodles can become a soup with carrots and celery or another noodle salad with your excess leftover meat. Raw carrots become sautéed carrots and later boiled carrots and then salad. Roasted vegetables can be eaten the next day!

-If you make twice as many noodles or vegetables, you can make soup or pasta later in the week. Extra rice? make pudding, bread, meatballs. Anticipate the barbecue and roast pot sandwiches.

-Be sure to store any leftovers. Glass is the best – nothing seeps into your food and you can see through it. Use sandwich bags and freezer bags! Label and date, always, or you end up with frozen chunks of mystery. Challenge yourself to eat leftovers at least once a week.

-Are you preparing a lunch for yourself, the spouse or the children? Turn dinner into lunch. It’s a way to eat healthy all week long and eat well. The cheese crackers are gone! Sour cream, salsa and grated cheese can solve, hide or transform a lot of leftovers.

-Make vegetable soup or stew from those vegetables which used to be a side dish. Save your leftover vegetables! A very easy and simple way is to puree with broth or half and half. Here is! Add croutons or grated cheese and you have an instant meal. Another way to use this waste is to add it to a freezer bag and keep adding it. When the bag is full, throw it in a jar. Instant soup, just add the broth and diced tomatoes. You can also boil in broth and strain to get vegetable broth.

-Stale bread becomes toast, croutons, stuffing or bread to soak in olive oil with fine herbs.

-You can always add these leftovers to lettuce and make a salad with your favorite dressing.

Everything has a solution and can become something new – it just takes a little thought and planning.


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