Regaining Political Control: Will Democrats Use an Effective Strategy?


Under ordinary circumstances, when a president could boast about the quality of the American economy, he would be considered a, almost, shoo – in, for being re-elected! However, as most realize, these are anything but normal times! On the other hand, when an outgoing operator has ratings as low as President Trump, you might think it’s easy to take back control of the White House. But, again, we are going through a very unusual period of time. While we can expect Mr. Trump to continue campaigning, for his re-election in 2020, as he did, in his well-attended rallies, using a lot of rhetoric, making many demands, often , arousing fears, blaming immigrants, etc. it is much less certain, precisely, what the Democratic Party’s plan / strategy might be to defeat this president, while taking control of the US Senate and maintaining its majority in the House of Representatives. With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to examine, review, review, and discuss some of their options.

1. Focus on Trump: Although most polls indicate that potential voters oppose many policies, actions, rhetorics, etc. of Mr. Trump and that there continues to be mistrust, due to the many reported activities of his campaign and his entourage (as well as other potential scandals), the strength and loyalty of the main support / base of the President, as well as the layout of the Electoral College, make it uncertain whether one can be elected simply by opposing an incumbent, especially with the perks most incumbents have by campaigning!

2. Out – Progressive, from each other: How far does the political left, the electorate, the Democrats, want to advance? Will the nomination of someone, considered, far left, center, drive away independent voters and more moderate individuals? Won’t that make it easier for Trump, who would undoubtedly use rhetoric, negative slogans, and other scare tactics, to convince these voters that they should be afraid to vote for them?

3. Maintain progressive voters: When Hillary Clinton was nominated, many of Bernie Sanders’ most ardent supporters did not vote, voted for one of the underage candidates, or voted for Donald Trump! If Sanders doesn’t get the nomination, will we see him again? Which candidate (s) might be attractive to these people, while also attracting more moderate people?

4. Female voters: How could women react, to the rhetoric of this president, and to the apparent and anti-choice policies and ideas? Will there be better participation than usual? How can Democrats attract these voters, without taking them for granted and avoiding being a one – topic party / campaign?

5. Minorities: Will the rhetoric of hate and blame bring out minorities, in greater numbers than usual, or will it attract and inspire the people, Mrs. Clinton, called Deplorable, to go to the polls?

6. Age: How important will age be? Since 3 of the top candidates (in the polls), Democratic candidates, are around 70 or older, just like President Trump, will age be a factor? Do voters want someone younger? Would someone, less identified, with the status quo, or younger, have more appeal?

seven. What’s the plan – What do they represent ?: Do voters want to hear a different vision, which addresses, needs, perceptions, priorities and which is relevant and sustainable? How will they balance the need to pay attention to climate change issues, while showing a better way to meet the economic, employment and health care needs of our citizens?

8. Health care: East Health insurance for all, attracting potential voters, or will it scare them away, because of unknowns, like costs, how it might work, etc.?

9. Take back control of Congress: Unless / until Democrats also control both houses of Congress, how are things really going to change for the better? It will require a battle, district by district, state by state, with viable ideas and solutions, to restore America’s many threatened constitutional guarantees, such as freedoms, justice and liberty, for all!

There is no easy question about this. Balancing politics, common sense and empathy will be a necessity to do this!


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