Real Self Defense Why Settle For Less Than The Truth

True self-defense “Why settle for less than the truth”

What you are about to find out is the truth and sometimes the truth hurts.

The truth is, most of what you’ve read or heard about men’s or women’s self-defense is rubbish. Most of what is taught is useless in an actual attack, ninety-nine percent of DVDs teach techniques that would never work on the streets. Worse yet, most martial arts schools will only give you a false sense of security. I told you the truth hurts.

This is true, and it’s a shame that so many unsuspecting, ill-trained, and utterly ignorant men and women walk around with a false sense of security, believing they would have a real chance in a blood and blood attack. snot, street attack, or sexual assault. I could give the numbers for the number of attacks that are taking place, but I will not. Believe me when I look at the numbers they are really scary.

Sure, a lot of techniques work in the gym / dojo, but ask yourself if you could really defend yourself if you needed to? I would suggest not, so it makes sense before choosing a location to practice to research a realistic street defense system. Of course, if you just want to get in shape and all the other things that come with learning a martial art, that’s fine. However, if you want to learn what works under the real duress of an actual attack, take your time and choose wisely.

For example, most, not all, the attacks were preceded by some form of verbal aggression or what is known as an interview or verbal exchange. Knowing how to handle this situation is the term talking to it can help you prevent most attacks from becoming physical. Additionally, if the abuser proceeds with the physical assault, your mind and body will be on high alert for the best physical defense. This is just one simple example among many that are probably never covered in most martial arts schools with things like adrenaline rush etc. But that’s a topic for another time, with techniques that could be learned simply and easily by the average man or woman regardless of athletic ability and not requiring years of training. You don’t need to be strong and fast although it helps if you are, you just need the proper knowledge to start practicing the right way to defend yourself.

Finally, before I go I would like to tell a story which I hope will give you some idea of ​​where I am from.

Once upon a time there was a famous karate man on the island of Okinawa / Japan, who had spent his entire life studying the legendary art of karate from a master. Although he devoted his entire life to this art, he had never had the opportunity to try his art in a real situation against a real abuser intending to harm him. He wasn’t the type of man to go out and fight just to test his abilities. So he had to wait for a suitable opportunity to present itself. Oddly, he wanted someone to attack him so that he could prove himself and his karate style to be powerful outside of the controlled environment of the dojo.

He trained hard, but that only made his obsession even stronger until one day he was traveling on a local commuter train when a potential situation arose, a very drunk, loaded and aggressive man got on. aboard the train and immediately began to mistreat the other passengers. That’s what he thought to himself; this is my chance to test my art. He waited for the man to reach him as he pushed his way past the car, he cursed everyone around him louder and more aggressive, causing the other passengers to back up for fear of being attacked.

As the drunken man moved closer to the karate man he was preparing for the seemingly inevitable assault on himself, he prepared for a bloody encounter ready to demonstrate his art in the ultimate arena, but before that he could not get up from his seat, the passenger in front of him stood up and happily hired the drunkard. Hey man what’s up, you look like a man with problems. Come sit with me there is no need to be abusive. No one on this train wants to fight with you.

The karate man watched in amazement as the passenger spoke skillfully to the drunken man in his rage. In a few minutes, the drunkard was pouring out his heart for the passenger. The astonished karate man thought to himself “this is karate (real self-defense). The moral of this story is that, mouth, mouth is better than war, war, and that avoidance is always better than confrontation where no one wins, I think you will agree.

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