Pot CEO Offers $ 10k Bounty To Bring Lebron To His Comic-Con Booth


BudTrader Exec is determined to show Lebron the BudTrader experience and ask some pointed questions of the new Laker

SAN DIEGO, Calif., July 16 – BudTrader CEO Brad McLaughlin plans to kick off the most hyped party experience imaginable at San Diego Comic-Con International. The cannabis tech entrepreneur will offer $ 10,000 to anyone who can get NBA superstar Lebron James to attend the BudTrader Nerd headquarters at this weekend’s convention.

In a statement, McLaughlin set very clear rules for his bounty on LeBron.

“You can’t kidnap him,” McLaughlin said. “No, I mean you literally can’t. He’s 6’8”, 300 lbs, 40 inches tall and he’s the tallest athlete of our generation. We are therefore going to have to call on Lebron other than by brute force. “

The second rule put forward by McLaughlin is that LeBron must spend time at BudTrader Nerd’s head office for at least 23 minutes. “No passage!” McLaughlin said, “We want to get to know him and see what he’s talking about. Is he really in love with us? Is he here to win titles? Or is he here to go to Magic Johnson ‘how to be a billionaire and own an NBA team’s private school? What we really want to know is, “is he just waiting for time to run out, punching a clock, stuck in this messy traffic in Los Angeles, just like us, until he can retire and go on a cruise. 22-year-old models at Sky Bar like every other retiree in LA? “

Third, McLaughlin says he’ll allow Lebron to “ surrender ” by showing up to BudTrader’s Comic-Con experience on his own. In this case, BudTrader will donate the $ 10,000 reward to a worthy cause. McLaughlin suggests that LeBron consider devoting money to what he considers “ the noblest cause, ” by renting an In-N-Out Burger truck to come and live the BudTrader experience at San Diego Comic. Con and nurture the attendees of SoCal – Lebron’s new fans. The NBA megastar just signed with the Los Angeles Lakers in an incredibly high-profile decision. “If Lebron is a Los Angeles Laker now, and a guy from LA, he needs to fucking know about In-N-Out burger!” We are trying to win and the NBA Championship here folks!

Then McLaughlin lays out the fourth rule for his LeBron James bounty: don’t smoke LeBron! “Not the first time we’ve met him, at least!” He adds, following some solid reasoning: “Magic Johnson, the Lakers and his management team won’t let him get near us if they think we’re going to smoke him.” All we need is Lebron to test positive for THC and be suspended by the NBA because of BudTrader. I’m having enough trouble right now so … Don’t smoke King James! Wait until we win a championship and then we smoke with Lebron, Magic, Shaq, Kobe, Phil Jackson, Jack Nicholson and Rick Fox (I feel like since Rick Fox is a good looking dude he would be a great guy to have at the after party championship. Hot girls probably follow him and we don’t want the after party championship to be a sausage party.) “

BudTrader Nerd Headquarters is set to be one of the most talked about events at Comic-Con and is billed as a live streaming experience that can rival even big budget studios and shows. “Our audience will be larger than the television networks like the entire audience for TBS,” McLaughlin said. The brand will host daily events such as exclusive movie and TV show previews, video game tournaments (including a showdown between all-female professional gamers), celebrity interviews and live performances from the brand. ‘a mysterious hip-hop star. The entire experience will be broadcast live on TV, radio, Twitch and live in conjunction with local and national channels to bring the BudTrader experience to millions of people. McLaughlin says the events that have been announced publicly so far are only a fraction of the tips BudTrader has up their sleeves to wow attendees at Comic-Con International 2018.

This won’t be the first year BudTrader has made a scene at Comic-Con. BudTraders’ infamous superyacht party in 2017 resulted in their controversial ejection after just two days. The yacht Budtrader was unceremoniously removed from port in the middle of the night. It cost BudTrader its planned extravaganza on Saturday, as well as tens of thousands of dollars in losses due to the cancellation. Last year, BudTrader’s presence at Comic-Con was covered by publications such as High Times, Times of San Diego, The San Diego Union Tribune, and over 400 other media outlets.

BudTrader is the largest online cannabis marketplace, with platforms available in all 28 states where cannabis use is legal, as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. With over a million people registered on their platform, BudTrader’s user base rivals that of industry giants Weedmaps and Leafly.


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