Perfect time for vacation bargains


In times of bad economy, many different businesses “will lower their rates and / or prices to make sales and generate income. One of the best places to save money is to go on a family vacation. Airlines, hotels, and in some cases restaurants are virtually offering their services or products to make ends meet.

Going on a family vacation doesn’t slow down. Take, for example, Alaska cruises. There are too many cruise ships in the Alaska region for these companies to compete with each other by drastically cutting their prices. Right now, you can book a weeklong Alaska cruise for just $ 399 per person. A week’s vacation on an Alaska cruise for $ 400 isn’t something you’ll find for a good economy. Typically, these prices were somewhere in the $ 1,600 range just a few years ago.

How about going to Las Vegas? You will be amazed at how little it costs to go to Las Vegas. You can get a flight for under $ 100 round trip from most places in the United States. Getting a room is incredibly cheap compared to 2005-2007 prices.

If you don’t feel like traveling too far from home, I’m sure there are quite a few places in your area that lower their fares or have some great deals to help make sales and avoid layoffs. their employees. Busch Gardens, Disney as well as Universal Studios have great deals for residents of Florida and California. In New York City, the Theater District (Broadway) struggles to fill seats and also offers great seats at unbeatable prices. Look around at some of the local museums, amusement parks and so on and you will be surprised at the savings you can get.

Just because money is tight in these tough times doesn’t mean you and your family can’t go out and have fun without breaking the bank.


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