Micron Gold – The true mother lode


Illusionary Gold – The True Charge of the Mother

Throughout the centuries, man’s quest for gold and precious metals has focused on visible or visible material that can be mined from the earth with minimal effort using gravity and water to harvest these metals from the surrounding gravel and soils.

I will mainly talk about gold in this article. Most prospectors and miners realize that gold has a specific gravity of 19.5 and that means it is much heavier than surrounding earth particles of its equivalent size. For example, a 1/8 “gold particle should easily weigh on a particle of granite, quartz, etc., at least 4 to 5 times if the surrounding particle is the same size. This type of situation makes it very simple to break gold very quickly due to its weight in volume. The problem is, gold particles of 1/8 “or larger are actually a small percentage of the known placer gold. around the earth. The point is that over 80% to 90% of the released gold, particle, (place), on earth is smaller than the human eye can see. We are talking about massive amounts of gold the size of a micron that actually blows in the wind, flows along muddy rivers during flooding, and accumulates in small, temporary layers when flood waters terminate.

The vast majority of this micron of gold cannot be analyzed or extracted in river or stream water due to the viscosity index of the water itself. The micrometric gold particles will suspend and drift directly out of the pan during agitation. Therefore, the visible gold particles that you can capture when you sample an area are only a small fraction of the gold that you actually put back into the river or stream. This is especially true in areas where the viscosity of the water is increased by seasonal changes in the water itself. Things like bacteria, algae, and other organics that make water less suitable for emotional panning.

It is very important to take your known gold concentrates to a controlled water environment for your careful extraction of gold particles. Many of you already recognize the importance of careful screening, (classification) of the material to increase your chances of successful gold mining, but there are several other very important things to know if you want to scale it up even more. your chances. In the next paragraph I will list several very important steps that will increase your gold yield 3-4 times if you are careful with your material and follow these steps.

– The water environment is important for all fine gold mining methods including: manual panning, spiral wheel, shaker table, blue bowl, etc., etc.

– Clean, warm water above 90 degrees helps reduce buoyancy and helps prevent gold microparticles from floating.

– Additives such as thinners and surfactants help control the viscosity of water.

There are many other tips that we will talk about later. For now, we’ll discuss the best way we’ve found to capture Micron Gold particles at a much higher percentage than other known methods. This captured material must be sent to a controlled process, not to the river or stream. The separation of materials at the river or stream will absolutely result in a measurable loss of gold.

My wife, Sharon and I have been digging for gold since the early 1980s and we have certainly caught a lot of gold. The thing we were missing was the majority of the illusory micron of gold. In fact, we were losing the majority of the gold we were looking for. We only realized this when we started to study our residues very carefully with microscopic magnification.

One day in early spring in April 2010, Sharon Eckley got an incredible idea about the natural flowing activities of water in our nearby mountain canyons. She began to draw sketches of how rivers are cut into the landscape of the land. She mentioned to me that the greatest amounts of gold we had captured in the past had been mined from the upper layers of the bends of the river after flooding and storm deposits. She came up with the idea of ​​creating a lock system that could replicate this proven natural method of trapping and staging tiny particles of gold in specific layers. I immediately realized that she was absolutely right to think that way. It occurred to me that women are often quite resourceful in their thinking about relativity or process, especially when it comes to scientific discoveries. I believe women are more aligned with prospecting for gold than most men realize.

I quickly recognized the possibility of replicating the natural dynamics of river fluids and so we built a sluice box that induced a reverse spiral vortex in the main flow path. This first prototype worked so well that we immediately realized that large amounts of micron could be captured in layers. The larger particles of placer gold were trapped at the bottom, like all the other locks we had used before, but now there was another action going on.

The hidden Micron Gold was now within our reach and we were bringing it home! This often results in up to 4 to 5 times more gold per capture.


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