Manscaping – Male grooming in preparation for a penis extender


“Manscaping” is the act of grooming, shaving or trimming male body hair derived from the term “landscaping”. This may include shaving a man’s pubic hair around his penile organ, a fad originally created in Japan where pornographic models are required to shave their pubic hair as it is illegal to be seen in movies. and magazines, and subsequently, Europe and America followed this fashion.

If you are planning to use a traction device to enlarge your penis, it is strongly advised that you shave so that the shaft of the penis can be gripped more easily to avoid the risk of hair getting caught or pulled.

There is often confusion among men as to the best way to shave this area. One trend is to use a razor because it allows you to have full control over how much you take off and what you leave, but using a razor requires some dexterity or the help of a special person who is not always available.

Or you can apply a safer but slightly less effective method and opt for an electric razor or rotary epilators. Electric razors are very easy to use, but hair will start to grow back faster, and although rotary epilators are more effective at shaving hair, some men are uncomfortable with it being so. close to their sensitive parts.

To note: If you go for the regular razor, remember to apply the shaving foam before and the shaving lotion after, otherwise this area will become extremely itchy!

Also try the wax. Applying hot wax to sensitive parts is a personal choice and it’s inexpensive and quick, but while it can get a bit messy, it doesn’t always give consistent results. You can also try depilatory creams or powders. These dissolve the hairs using a mixture of chemicals which is very easy to make, but the hairs grow back quickly and may slightly irritate your skin.

However, one of the most popular methods among men is to simply cut pubic hair with a pair of scissors and apply a soothing cream afterwards to prevent pimples and itching. It will also prevent your partner from thinking that these pimples are not actually herpes – a predicament for sure and worth avoiding!


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