Learn these facts to impress Russian women

James Bond did and now you too could date Russian women. The planet is interconnected through the webs of social networks and multilingual dating platforms. You can also meet Anna Kournikova’s compatriots in your daily life, because in our time people are migrating abroad more than ever. Beautiful and fashionable, these pretty ladies are a real eye-catcher wherever they go.

So how do you make a good impression on a Russian woman? Is there anything specific you need to know? Discover simple tips for dating Russian girls and you could score some extra points with your favorite.

10 tips to impress Russian women

1. Appearances matter. All girls pay attention to your appearance, but Russian women pay even more attention to the exterior of a man. Fashion and beauty are the two driving forces that Russian girls cannot escape due to their cultural heritage. How tidy, clean, and trendy you present yourself is more important than your actual physical attributes. Of course, looking good doesn’t hurt, but it doesn’t have to be. Cleanliness and style, on the other hand, are essential to mark a date. If you are going out online, you need a photo where you are well dressed (formal style or casual chic), with a neat hairstyle and a friendly smile. If you have met somewhere as part of daily activities, dress yourself. Ask an elegant friend for help, if necessary.

2. Compliment her. Again, not only do Russian women appreciate praise, these ladies crave praise. Some pickup gurus advise negative remarks as a way to get a beautiful woman’s attention; it will definitely not work with Russian women. Positive and personal feedback brings you success.

3. Bring flowers. In modern Russia, a guy who doesn’t bring flowers on the first date may find himself rejected on the spot. Some dating counselors tell girls to dump the guy instantly if he doesn’t bring a bouquet of roses or tulips (roses are considered the most romantic flower). It might sound hilarious but it’s true. Even if your daughter has been living abroad for some time, she will still appreciate the gesture. The number of flowers in the bouquet must be odd (1, 3, 5, 7, etc.). Even numbers are used for funerals.

4. Be assertive. You can ask him for his opinion but not his suggestions. For example, you could ask her if she had any food allergies or if she liked French cuisine before booking a restaurant. But don’t ask the lady where she would like to go. A luxury restaurant with sit-down service and live music is always a safe bet, the more classic the better. Russian women believe that a man is the leader in a relationship, and she should just be able to relax and allow him to shake things up.

5. Learn about Russia. Much of what Westerners know is limited by common myths. For example, you might not know that Russia is geographically the largest country in the world and the first state to send a man into space. If you know details that the majority of the general public ignore, you are certainly racking up important points.

6. Show your arty side. Russian girls love art galleries, museums, classical music, theater and ballet. Most guys are only interested in sports and cars. If you invite your wife to a theater or an opera, she will think you are amazing. Forget about movie dates. If you take your girlfriend to a special place like a musical, a symphony concert, or a lunch with a famous writer, it will put you a few levels above mere mortals. Make sure you are dressed impeccably; she will be impressed.

7. Ask 3 times. Russia’s cultural norms dictate that a tempting offer must first be rejected, better rejected twice until someone is allowed to accept it. This is why Russians can sometimes be seen as pests because they keep offering the same thing multiple times, even if you have already answered “No”. It’s just a cultural norm. If you only offer something once, your wife may be too shy to accept. A Russian joke says that “a real man and a real woman will never get together, because she never agrees the first time, and he never proposes the second time”. So even if your lady said ‘no’ but you think she might just be shy, don’t hesitate to suggest again or at least ask her if she’s sure. Give another reason why you would like to make your proposal; this may be enough to change a woman’s mind, especially if she really wants to accept it.

8. Take her home. According to Russian dating etiquette, a man is supposed to accompany his wife home to make sure she is safe. If you don’t offer to go with her, she might think you are being inconsiderate or discourteous.

9. Kiss her hand. It works like this: you offer your hand palm up, she puts her hand on it, you lower her head and gently touch her skin with your lips. This is considered a chivalrous gesture in Russia, which is performed by gentlemen to ladies whom they worship or respect. This gesture could be appropriate towards any woman that a man wants to show his reverence, for example, the mother of his girlfriend, a family member. A hand kiss would surely impress and excite a Russian woman without the risk of being rejected. This gesture is best used only once during a date. It can be used on the first date, for example, to say goodbye.

10. Keep in touch. Russian girls prefer men to be too pushy, because they believe that a man’s feelings should be much stronger than a woman’s. Don’t be put off by the woman’s seemingly passive attitude and lack of enthusiasm. Real ladies are supposed to hide their feelings and pretend not to like the man at first, until he proves by his persistence and relentless pursuit that he is serious about winning her heart. Give it a few dates and you will be generously rewarded with lots of warmth and affection.

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