Isn’t the politics of hope better than hatred?


History students probably have a strange feeling, we’ve seen that before! This is not the first time, autocrats, xenophobic, race / ethics – bating, individuals, assumed leadership positions, great nations, and generally it didn’t work, well, for most of the citizens involved! Do we really want to continue, live this latest version, of politics, of HATRED? Wouldn’t the best interests of our nation and all of its citizens be better if we were ruled by someone who practiced the politics of hope?, instead of? With this in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to consider, examine, revisit and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what it means and represents, and why, nowadays when the level of polarization seems to be, at one, all times, high, a necessity and a priority.

1. Humanity / humanity; hurtful / cap; healing / harmful: What has happened to American humanity, when our officials seem to ignore any attachment to humanity, or any commitment to the concept of freedom and justice for all? How can we come together, for the common good, unless / until humane treatment dominates, over contradictory, polarizing behavior and rhetoric? Where is this nation going, if we allow any political leader to point out hurtful rhetoric? We need to decide, before it’s too late, whether we elect someone, who is healing or if they are harmful?

2. Attitude; Warning; aptitude; articulate; relieve: While we can debate, if an individual, himself, is racist, it is usually clearer whether his message and language is! Numerous polls indicate perhaps that up to 40% of the American electorate is drawn, inspired and motivated by this negative language, when we would be better served, if our overall attitude were considerably, more positive and welcoming. ! To what extent, paying attention, to the big picture and potential ramifications, a nation’s leaders engage, combined with a willingness to do their homework and develop a relevant, well-trained set of skills and skills, can go, far, in determining, the message, and the mood, articulated! Would we not be, more american, if we demanded, politicians articulate, a message, centered on the mitigation of the challenges, for the common good, while seeking, a meaningful meeting, of the spirits?

3. Timely (rhetorical, as opposed to relevant): When President Trump is promoting a message, Make America Great Again, it’s a timely concept, one that’s relevant and emphasizes our goals, priorities, and founders’ ideals, or is it simply empty rhetoric focused on dividing and conquering, for political reasons, and self-interest?

4. Emotions; empathy; emphasis; energy / energize: Even the most ardent of Trump’s main supporters should be prepared to recognize that his background, and therefore his frame of reference, is vastly different from most of us. Therefore, he must be ready, willing and able, to listen and learn effectively from a diverse set of experiences and conversations, and to proceed, with much more empathy, than he does. it seems, to show! The focus must be on improving and energizing this nation, in a positive, productive and unifying way, instead of polarizing and being antagonistic!

Wake up, America, and watch what this nation is starting to look like! What will become of us without a strong commitment to the essential principles and concepts of freedom, liberty and justice, for all?


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