International travel tips for women


Men generally have an easier time, especially when traveling. Women face cultural and physical concerns when traveling abroad that men do not have to deal with. Whether you are a woman traveling for business or pleasure, a few packing tips will help you stay worry-free in a foreign country. Pack simple, use common sense, and beware of possible dangers.

Be aware of the social and religious aspects of the destination country

Always keep in mind that some countries have dress codes for women. You must bring clothing sensitive to the cultural and religious practices of the country you are visiting. You cannot afford to be too bold or “western” even if you are deeply committed to women’s rights. Traveling to another country should be about learning and exploring – revolutionary ideas are best reserved for locals!

Be aware of climate issues

Wearing tight clothing can be trendy, but it can also cause physical problems in some parts of the world. No matter how comfortable your wardrobe is for spring and summer in your own country, it may not be elsewhere.

The right contraceptives

Contraceptives are made to different specifications from country to country, and the FDA does not everywhere say that a particular contraceptive is safe to use. This makes packing the correct contraceptives a necessity, even if you are planning a single trip.

Female protection

Remember that long trips abroad can be difficult to manage if you are not prepared for your menstrual cycles. Remember that tampons are rarely available in many countries. It is advisable to carry your own provisions. Even if you don’t take a long trip, remember that jet lag, climate change, and other factors can affect your menstrual cycle as well.

Concerned about infections?

Unsanitary toilets, close contact with people from different regions and many other factors can lead to infections that you would never expect. Yeast infections are a problem for women in warmer climates. And bladder infections are still the bane of women who travel. There are medications for these conditions that you may want to be sure to carry.

Avoid expensive clothes

Although some women like to show off their best clothes, disguises have no place in foreign countries except to attend special events with security. When exploring places as a tourist, try to wear clothes that help you blend in with the crowd, or at least make you look like you’re not rich. Expensive accessories are therefore a strict no. Also, you should avoid anything loud and trendy unless you are traveling to reliable neighborhoods with famous people staying there.


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