In praise of age and Biden

Youth is the beautiful springtime of life, full of energy and ardor. Age in America today is seen as a handicap, full of aches and in need of help. The image of George H Bush skydiving for his 90th birthday is drowned out by advertisements about the elderly in need of home care. In this area, Joe Biden is scrutinized for flaws. These pale in comparison to his value at this time as a man experienced in the governance of the United States.

Democratic presidential candidates who challenge Trump have a wealth of good ideas on how to undo the damage Trump is inflicting on the country. These range from constitutional violations to human rights violations and the position of the United States in the global community. Add to this list his abuse of his presidential powers, his assault on the environment and the erosion of public trust due to lies emanating from the US White House. indeed, Democrats have a wide range of pressing issues to address, but none stands a chance if Trump cannot be defeated.

Current US President Donald Trump openly lies and claims that deception is a negotiation tactic. A third of the country is buying the Trump side of doublespeak. The other two-thirds rant that so many people can be so gullible. It takes someone who’s been burned a few times to spot the trick and know how to use it.

Circus maven PT Barnum reportedly said in the mid-1800s that there was a sucker born every minute. He made his mark by displaying made-up monsters and charging the curious to see them. The current US president carries out similar quirks in the form of bending laws and norms. The American public pays dearly to let a third of its people admire legal gymnastics.

The global melting pot and land of opportunity is making room for the vulnerable third of its population that buys Trump’s twist on American values. The toll is heavy, however, for the two-thirds who care about the American foundation of democracy. All they need is a leader who can lead the way based on instinct that I have informed through experience.

Joe Biden was attacked for positions taken 10, 20, 30 years ago. He is held responsible for comments that sound the alarm and for being deaf, out of step with today. In fact, it is perception that is disconnected from reality.

Today’s media world is fast-paced. It’s the condition that landed reality TV star scammer Donald Trump in the Oval Office. His experience told him he could bluff in any situation he wanted. That’s exactly what he did, even if he had to work his way up to that position and use outside sources to get the job done.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, is an experienced person with higher aspirations than getting rich. He lived through the atrocious period of the American past when racial desegregation was an uncertain ideal. He fought for social gains within the confines of the times as Donald Trump plotted to get the best of his next grade.

Donald Trump has not changed and neither has Joe Biden. Trump is still scamming as many Americans as possible. Joe Biden wants to stop it and get Americans moving like he did in the progressive era of Barack Obama.

In his lofty position, Trump has no trouble spouting inflammatory lies to move his audience. He has a host of schills to help sell the story. Joe Biden has a lifelong track record of promoting the public good in opposition to those like Trump. It deserves a break from today’s media microscope.

Experience establishes a vast information infrastructure in the brain. These lay the foundation for spoken expressions in the present tense. Your answer to a question may take a moment to process. That’s far less than the week of media coverage given to monster Hurricane Damian.

This disaster affects thousands of lives and communities. US President Donald Trump’s response was to play a “short round of golf”. Considering that Damian’s disaster was his excuse to shirk international responsibility, no other words need be processed from his thoughts.

Biden doesn’t need a week to process his thoughts and produce powerful words. It deserves a few seconds for the process though. After all, whether it’s Joe Biden or another seasoned Democratic candidate, the goal is to defeat a man in the Oval Office who doesn’t even take a second to turn a thought into words that can sink the whole world. . .

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