Important tips to keep in mind before going on a Silk Road tour


If you want to take a Silk Road trip, we suggest you plan your trip anytime between May and October. In summer, the temperature is quite high and the winters are quite freezing. However, the scenery is extremely beautiful in May. So you can enjoy the scenery and not face extreme temperatures.

Things to keep in mind when planning the trip

While it may not be too hot for your tour, be aware that the climate along the route varies widely. Some areas are quite cold while others are dry. The city of Turpan, for example, can reach 40 degrees in August. In January, it can face minus 20 degrees. So, below are the things you need to pack before you go:

  • Take thin and thick clothes with you

  • Buy comfortable shoes

  • Obtain personal items like hygiene supplies and dental floss

  • Use sun oil and sunscreen to fight sunburn

  • Also bring a first aid kit

But carrying too much luggage is not a good idea as it can create problems for you during your trip.


Since the Silk Road spans most of China, you can find different levels of accommodation, such as simple guesthouses and luxury hotels. Depending on your budget, you can choose the right type of accommodation.


You can experience traditional Chinese cuisine during your visit to different restaurants. Small restaurants and night markets are the best places if you want to enjoy your favorite snacks. However, be sure to check hygiene before entering a restaurant.

It is important to keep in mind that you may come across different nationalities during your visit. They will have their own taste for food and drink.

In northwest China, many people take tea with meals or snacks. Likewise, people have juice, beer, and cola. However, you are free to try local drinks, such as milk, frozen yogurt, and kumiss.

Visit the temples

If you travel along the Silk Road, you can come across many temples. There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that you enjoy a pleasant visit to some popular temples.

If you want to address a monk, you can use the terms “fashi” or “shi”. The same titles are used for Taoists. Likewise, “chanshi”, “fangzhang” and “zhanglao” are used to Govern the monk.

You must have good manners when you meet monks. For example, you should lower your head and put your palms together when you see a monk. It is considered sacrilege to touch, kiss or shake the hand of a monk.

As for conversation topics, you can’t talk about eating meat, marriage, and murder. Likewise, religion and politics are not very good subjects either.

While you are visiting a temple, do not try to touch a religious artifact. During a religious ceremony, you must remain silent.

Finally, make sure that the temple you are going to visit accepts both sexes.

In short, here are a few things to keep in mind before going on a Silk Road tour.


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