Ideas for Fashion Club activities


Although many schools sponsor organizations for students interested in art, fashion design, and merchandising, some students prefer to form informal fashion clubs. Students join these clubs because they are interested in a career in fashion, or just want to share their love of fashion with others. Fashion clubs attract their members by planning various activities.

A fashion club has many options to choose from to complement community service. Project ideas include coat drives, collecting used clothing for disaster relief, raising money for a scholarship fund, or supporting a famous fashion association. Of course, service projects do not have to be tied to the fashion industry. Recycling, healthy walks and food drives are also possibilities.

Club members can engage the student body by supporting school events. This may involve attending sporting events, concerts and plays in schools. See if the club can sell clothing designed by club members at these events to raise money for future club activities. Other students may be more willing to support and join a fashion club if they feel the club supports other student organizations.

Once the club has raised funds, field trips can be discussed. Field trips can go as close as to the school itself hundreds of kilometers away. Book a meeting for club members to come to the school library to view biographies of famous fashion designers. At the next meeting, have a discussion about designers. If the club has the necessary funds and the support and authorization of the school administration, off-campus excursions may be possible. Travel ideas include department store getaways, movies, restaurants, and local fashion shows.

A major activity that a fashion club can undertake is to provide information about the fashion industry to its members and others. Many fashion clubs even make guest speakers the cornerstone of every meeting by sending out conference invitations to businesses and organizations associated with the fashion world. After listening to the guest, open the floor for questions.

Another way to disseminate information is to organize a career fair. In a large room, arrange tables for representatives of various baronesses and local organizations. Colleges that offer fashion programs, area fashion academies, design houses, and clothing stores should be at the top of the invitation list. Other possibilities include modeling schools and agencies, art institutes, beauty schools, wholesale clothing suppliers, and stores that traditionally hire students. Open the job fair to all students to encourage more companies to participate.


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