How to tie a Winsor knot


New to wearing ties, but still not sure how to tie one? You’re not alone. In fact, only a few men know how to tie a pretty tie knot. Tying a tie can seem complicated, even confusing, but it really isn’t. After all, there are over 180 different ways to tie a tie. For our purposes, we’re going to focus only on the two most popular and beautiful tie knots: the Windsor Half Knot and the slightly larger Windsor Double Knot.

If you know how to tie a tie with these two knots, you will be in perfect shape to match the correct tie knot to each tie design and different shirt collars. The two tie knots are intertwined, and once you know how to tie the smaller Windsor Single Knot, learning how to tie the Double Windsor Knot is just a few steps away.

First, let’s focus on the Single Windsor Knot, or also known as the Half Windsor Knot. As with any tie knot, start by raising your shirt collar and buttoning the top button. Then take your tie and wrap it around your neck with the wide end on the right side of your chest and the narrow end on the left. The back of the tie should face your body and neck. Make sure the wide end hangs much lower than the narrow end. A goop reference point is a marking on the back of your tie. There is a diagonal seam near the narrow end. The tie should be placed around your neck so that the narrow end crosses. Cross the narrow end with the wide end to make a “V”, and pinch this intersection with your left thumb and index finger.

You’ll want to hang on to this area until you’re ready to tighten the end knot. Then, with your right hand, take the wide end of the tie and thread it through the “V” near your collar. Then, without any twisting, bring the longer end around the entire bottom of the “V” just above your pinched area, then up and down, and tuck that long end behind the loop you just made. , and through the bottom. Tighten the knot and adjust it so that it is centered between your collars. Fold down your shirt collars and you get a single Windsor knot!

The Unique Windsor Knot is a slightly smaller, more asymmetrical tie knot. It is best suited for shirts with a narrow collar. The best ties for a single Windsor knot are ties made of a thicker material, solid color ties, as well as classic British striped ties.

The double Windsor knot is quite similar. It is called a double Windsor knot because it requires the wide end of the tie to be looped twice in the “V” – once on each side. So start the same as with the Single Windsor Knot. Once you’ve wrapped the wide end of the tie the first time through the “V”, do the same with the opposite laying part of the “V”. The key to a beautiful double Windsor is making sure that each wrapper overlaps. There should be no space inside the “V”!

The Windsor Double Knot is the most sought-after tie knot these days. Even Internet searches for “Double Windsor Knot” are higher than all other tie knots combined, only a few men know how to tie this popular knot. If you start with the Single Windsor Knot, then practice the Double Windsor for 10-15 minutes, you’ll be in good shape.

The Windsor Double Knot is one of the largest and most symmetrical tie knots. This is a great knot for shirts with a wider collar and if you are wearing an Italian silk tie. Italians in particular appreciate the triangular and larger shape of the Double Windsor.


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