How to stay safe while traveling in Myanmar


Since Myanmar is awesome and exotic, like any unfamiliar place, whether it’s on the street, in your city, in your state, or even across the world, it’s worth staying safe. Staying safe doesn’t mean you are traveling to a dangerous place, but it does mean you conduct yourself in a way that maximizes your personal safety and security, no matter where you go. This is true when traveling to Rome, Italy or London, England or in this case Myanmar. Keep the following tips in mind so that you can enjoy the exotic charms of Myanmar without disappointing your expectations or coming home with a bad taste in your mouth about this hidden travel gem of Southeast Asia.

Venture with a group of tourists

When you go on a trip, whether to visit Bagan, explore the exotic temples of Yangon, or take in the pre-colonial splendor and grandeur of Mandalay, you should travel with a group of people preferably with your tour group with your tour guides. Usually, no matter where you travel, whether in Europe, America or Asia, when you are in a tour group, you are less vulnerable to crime or other dangers as there is security in numbers. Also, since you are all traveling together in a group, you are more likely to look after each other.

Traveling during daylight hours

Most of the crime happens at night which is why it is essential that you organize all your daytime activities when traveling to Myanmar. Ideally, you should be traveling why it’s cool. Like all tropical countries in Southeast Asia, Myanmar can be very hot and humid, especially around noon. It’s a good idea to get together and get the group together at dawn, go out and visit the sites, go to local restaurants and have fun before noon. That way it’s still relatively cool and you enjoy the safety of being outside in broad daylight.

Focus on the common sights on a Myanmar trip

By basing your travel itinerary on places suitable for travelers, you gain an added measure of safety as these places are already waiting for tourists and making arrangements for your safety. Compare that with a trip to a place quite remote and unknown to tourists and travelers. In this particular situation, you may be exposing yourself to all kinds of dangers and safety issues. It is best to focus on common tourist spots while taking full advantage of local attractions. This means that you don’t have to visit the tourist traps, but you can still enjoy a truly fulfilling and satisfying exotic travel experience.

Nothing ruins a trip worse than safety and security concerns. Maximize your Myanmar enjoyment by following the basic tips above. These tips aren’t rocket science, but they are common sense. Unfortunately, in the rush to explore, appreciate, and enjoy a travel treasure as exotic as Myanmar, common sense can sometimes be quite scarce. Keep these tips in mind to truly enjoy a memorable Myanmar travel experience.


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