How to cook a really crispy duck or chicken

If you are like me you like the skin on the outside of the duck, if it is crispy. The texture of the meal can be totally changed with crispy skin.

The secret is to make sure the duck is branded on the front and heavily salted.

It helps to dry out the skin and results in super crispy skin. You won’t be the only one enjoying this crispy duck recipe, but everyone at your table.

Take the duck that you are going to use for your main course, cut notches in the breast with a knife and prick with a fork. Salt the breast heavily, use your discretion and taste. You can use this method for any recipe you can think of.

Just use the cooking instructions from the recipe you are using. Place the bird breast on the baking dish and cook like this for about ¾ of the total cooking time specified in the recipe, making sure to drain the fat from the bird, usually by sticking it with a fork under the wings and legs. .

During the last 1/4 of cooking, use the broiler on the oven to finish cooking the duck breast. This should make the skin crisp while the duck is still wet. Since this cooking method can be used for almost any crispy duck recipe you have, it gives you more choices for the texture you want to use for your meal.

Cooking is all about mixing things up and creating your own ways of cooking and recipes.

Plus, since you only cut off the fatty layer of the bird, you can use it to store a hidden seasoning. Try to slip your favorite herbs into the slits under the skin, as the fat will melt, drain and come out of the bird, but it will seep into the meat first.

This can add a new dimension to the meat, making it even more succulent. By following these tips, you should be able to use your imagination to create many more combos. With the crispy duck recipes, you can add extra flavors and also add a whole new texture to the dish.

Use these two sets to try new things, using the crispy skin to add texture to an otherwise smooth meal. So, the next meals with duck you cook, try some of these combos, just using your taste and imagination. There are thousands of recipes in books and on the internet to mix and match.

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