How does Trump’s ego harm America?


That he refers to himself, as a stable genius, and that he knows more than military generals, public health experts, climate change scientists, environmental advocates ( with associated expertise and experience), and / or, articulating a variety of statements, most of us don’t expect to come, from White House occupant President Donald Trump, seems to show, almost – everyday he either has a huge ego, a need for recognition, and praise, or perhaps, is so insecure and in need, he constantly needs others. people to reinforce their actions and behaviors. Sadly, aside from Trump’s main political supporters (estimated at around 35-40% of voters), many Americans feel, believe, and fear, his behavior, actions, and rhetoric, often, DANGERS this nation, and what, we’ve always thought of, as the American way of life. With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to examine, examine, revisit and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what it means and represents, and why it is important and of concern.

1, It hurts; head heart; healing; honest; humanity: When this president delivers a message that either allows haters to misbehave, ignore common sense public health measures, deny the dangers of climate change, and ignore protecting our environment, it hurts dramatically and hurts our ability to prepare for a quality, sustainable future! We need a leader who is ready, willing and able to balance their emotional and logical components, in a head / heart balance, emphasizing healing and bringing us together, for the greater good! Every time a leader is lying on purpose, this lack of honesty harms many aspects of humanity!

2. Attitude; aptitude; precision; Warning; Speak clearly: Whenever this president answers, We’ll see, it indicates, instead of the necessary, positive, can – do, attitude, one, much less, useful and inspiring! There have been many reports, Trump downplays the usefulness of daily briefings, and, when you don’t have as much relevant information available as possible, it wouldn’t negatively impact his ability. Political fact – auditors proclaim, his statements are often inaccurate and he is telling lies, at an alarming rate! Many feel, instead of paying attention, to the true needs of the nation, both in a relevant and lasting way, it articulates ego-valuing messages!

3. Relevant; realistic; reasoning / justification: What is the point if, instead of describing challenges, needs, goals and priorities, in a relevant and realistic way, this president seems to be thinking, first, about his personal / political agenda and / or to himself – interest? Numerous studies seem to indicate that a large percentage of Americans are concerned, and confused, with the quality and level of his reasoning, and the core, of his reasoning!

4. Make a mark; motivates; average: Those touched by this president’s emphasis often see his actions and priorities as nasty! A great leader seeks to make his mark, for the better, which invariably motivates citizens, to work together and to desire, a real meeting of minds! This one doesn’t seem to care!

5. A service; solutions; sustainable; strengths / strengthen: Evaluate a public leader, by the quality of his service, and if he has a strategy, and an action plan, to implement relevant and necessary solutions! Great leaders use their strengths to empower, citizens and the nation, focusing on enduring needs and real priorities!

Unless you are a supporter of Trump, you probably feel, his tenure, to this day, often, DANGERS the nation! Wake up, America, before it’s too late!


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