Frugal travel tips to pack the light


Airline restrictions are getting tighter, with limited checked baggage and overweight baggage charged extra. So, for the frugal traveler, packing light is fine. There are a few tips for extending the allowance without having to purchase new, light and expensive luggage.

A smaller suitcase

Huge empty suitcases can almost push travelers over the limit. Converting to the next size saves weight that can be used for clothing and souvenirs. Soft suitcases are suitable for unbreakable items (such as clothing).

Rolling clothes

You’ve moved in a smaller suitcase but how do you fit all your clothes? A simple answer is to roll them. Rolling clothes takes up less space than folding them flat. Every section of the suitcase is full, including air pockets. A bonus is that clothes normally have fewer wrinkles.

An additional sports bag

I always pack an emergency soft-sided travel bag in case I make more purchases than I expected. They are also useful as a dirty laundry bag, reducing the need for laundry.

Black running shoes

Shoes are perhaps the heaviest items to pack. This is why it makes sense to create stretched pairs on a lot of occasions. Planning to pack a sports shoe to reduce the pain when walking through cities? Make it a black running shoe. Not only do these shoes fit better in European countries (where few people wear running shoes for everyday use), but they can also move on to operas and ballets (where often no running shoes are allowed) .

Wash and wear ruffled clothes

Baggage is lost or delayed. It is a reality to fly. So, unless you want to spend the money on a whole new wardrobe while waiting for your luggage to be found, I suggest you wear clothes, in flight, that can be easily washed and dried quickly.

Not only do I wear a set of clothes that are easy to wash and dry, but I also wear an extra set.

Shop with baggage restrictions in mind

On a first trip to Mexico, I bought a sombrero for my sister. Not only did I have to carry it to all the cities I went to, but I had a hard time getting it back on a flight.

On the other hand, I once bought a Bali mural. I broke the frame, rolled up the canvas and wrapped it in plastic similar to a pair of skis. I had no difficulty getting him on the plane as the airline was used to shipping skis.

When I make a purchase while traveling, my first thought is “How do I get it back?” If I can’t put it in my luggage or pack it separately, I consider shipping it directly. If it’s not financially feasible, I leave it behind.

With the tighter and more stringent baggage restrictions, it makes sense to reduce the amount of baggage required as much as possible. Using these tips will save space and hassle.


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