Figure Skating – There’s a lot more to knowing than watching skaters on TV


The grace and beauty on the ice is absolutely incredible, beyond belief, and the stars that make them real people behind the scenes work so hard to deliver these routines – often dropping everything from an early age into the Hope for Gold, Olympic Gold and on Sponsorships and Paid Performances. It’s athleticism mixed with theatrical dancing, and one wrong move could really make you break a leg, as the Broadway quote says.

Yet even if you think you might be in figure skating, it’s so much more, years of hard work for a moment stuck in time, and imprinted in our minds, performances we will never forget. We’re dazzled by the strength, speed, and breathtaking acrobats, and yet we know so little about the real thing, about the people who do it. Oh sure, we can watch the stories, the biographical video stories, but it’s a competitive sport without a bar, and it really is a sport.

An excellent book on this subject that you might like to read, and one that I personally have in my own library is “Inside Edge – A Revealing Journey Into the Secret World of Figure Skating” by Christine Brennan, Scribner Publishing, New York , NY, (1996), 319 pages, ISBN: 0-684-80167-1. The author was of course a sports writer for the Washington Post, and the screenplay mentions all the great skaters of the time, Olympic hopefuls and Olympic champions as well. Remember the scandal and the story of Tanya Harding with the beating of Nancy Kerrigan, this book will take you behind the scenes.

This book is about the global competition from Asia, and how judging does or does not work and how politics has clouded issues and points over the years. Hear about the scandals, benefits, and perks of youth, beauty, and strong men in couples’ routines, including the HIV / AIDS challenges that have plagued the industry. This book covers the trials and tribulations of creating a star to gold medals and subsequent endorsements that drove ragged athletes to wealth in an incredible 30 days.

Indeed, I highly recommend that you learn more about figure skating today, because when you see it on TV or at the Olympics, you will enjoy it a lot more, once you know what these skaters need. cross to get that peak performance. , and why it’s so moving, and it’s either a dream come true or a bitter end to a long, difficult career for someone who gave everything but failed on the wrong day, at the wrong time. Please consider all of this and think about it.


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