EMR Pollution and The Business Traveller

Business Traveller

An article about electromagnetic wave (EMR) published in Townsend Letter, The Examiner of other Medicine (November 2014) highlights the new environmental landscape we discover ourselves and therefore the insidious impact EMR is wreaking on health. The article is a reminder of a true and present danger of our time and therefore the role EMR could play within the health picture of anyone facing illness. The article’s value lies in alerting us to a developing consensus in certain parts of the scientific community and our ability to read between the lines of what’s known about this new landscape and where the trend is heading. this text hopes to draw your attention to the very fact that there are certain workers within the general populace who are more susceptible to the consequences of EMR than others. during this instance i’m pertaining to business travellers and anyone who has global travel as a part of their description .

In the latter a part of the 20 th century we began a large-scale experiment by making use of artificial electromagnetic wave waves to drive technology and industry which gave us some very nifty advantages. The upside has been the accelerating rate of globalisation of the planet and therefore the world economies. The downside is that we’ve become more out of touch with our innate health supporting environment. because the world has globalised it mobilised; Technology may be a n enabler of a mobile world and EMR is a necessary feature. the economic Revolution of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries saw our society transform from an agrarian one to an industrial one. Now we’ve transformed from an industrial society to a technologically driven society with some not so desirable consequences. Artificial EMR waves we use in lifestyle to power our gadgets and connect globally are disruptive to human health because they severe our link to the natural geomagnetic wave profile that has nourished Man from time out of mind .

The article goes on to explain the author’s health challenge with Lyme’s disease and therefore the role EMR played in it. it’s the research material quoted within the article,which is of more interest to us in terms of what it says about the risks of EMR pollution to business travellers. the foremost detailed research quoted was the BioInitiative Report compiled by scientists and researchers of ten nations. It notes thousands of studies which demonstrate the damaging effects of EMR from telephone radiation and other sources. it’s damning because it shows the depth of the matter across various fields of study.

Digging into the small print of a number of the opposite research used we discover a quote from the late Dr Professor Neil Cherry a pioneer in environmental health who said, “EMR confuses and damages the cells signalling system, which produces symptoms like headaches, concentration difficulties, amnesia , dizziness and nausea, and long-term diseases like Alzheimer’s dementia, brain tumours and depression.”

In a quote from an interview published in 2009 with Dr Thomas Rau of the renowned Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland he says ” … cultures of normal human endogenous bacterial cultures grow much less when exposed to EMR”. Rau’s comments are a mirrored image that our immunity is compromised within the presence of EMR. Herein lies the matter . EMR messes with immunity which has harmful effects on long-term health.

The article also quotes a Lynn Quiring (RPh, CCN, NMD) paper titled “The telephone Poisoning of America.” In it Lynn cites over 66 scientific references proving the connection between prolonged EMR exposure and a number of health conditions including hormonal imbalances, low sperm count, system disorders, amnesia and sleep disorders.

Not only are we changing the environment externally, but its influence on our internal environment is what’s most worrying. Our ability to regulate and determine our internal environment is our ability to take care of health. it’s our first line of defence against stress and therefore the challenges we face on a day to day .

Business travellers have many challenging scenarios to barter in pursuit of a successful business trip. they will include anything from the geopolitical nature of the planet , the weather, industrial action, personal security while on the road and more. The constant shift in any of those variables is enough to cause stress, especially once you can’t control them. For the foremost part we brush them off and obtain on with the business in hand however, having the ability to try to to this is often reliant on our stress coping mechanism. Yet here we’ve evidence that one among the tools that permits our functionality within the global economy is that the very thing which is eroding our much-needed resilience. If this seems a touch too far-fetched take a glance at the subsequent Info graphic from PC Housing – Mobile Dependence.

Where is that this heading? To zero in on what one quite future scenario could appear as if we only need to check out a gaggle of individuals who are now being diagnosed as Electro-sensitive. Electro-Sensitives can’t be in close proximity of or endure long periods of your time within the vicinity of EMR or gadgets using them. Electro-Sensitivity and Electro-Smog have entered the favored lexicon. within the face of EMR ruling our airwaves and environments our immunity is taking a battering. once you put this in perspective with figures from the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association (AARDA) you get a way of where the trend is headed and the way EMR may be a factor we should always reckon with.to urge a good more specific combat how stress affects Business Travel see the industry specific white book by AirPlus called “Traveller Productivity: the way to tailor your travel policy to enhance traveller performance.”


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