Drink Water While Traveling – Play Safe and Enjoy the Game


Contaminated drinking water is the most common cause of health problems while traveling. Unsanitary drinking water can cause gastrointestinal upset. Contamination of the water will not only increase the risk of minor problems such as diarrhea, but will also become a cause of bacterial illnesses. Some common bacteria found in drinking water include E. coli, cholera, and salmonella. In addition, chemical pollutants, dust particles, debris and other contaminants can cause problems.

Water is something that we consume very frequently. You need to take special care to avoid any health problem because of it. If you follow the following healthy travel tips, you can avoid any water-related health issues:

1. Always drink bottled water. Bottled water does not always mean potable water. When purchasing bottled water, make sure it is properly sealed and has no leaks. If the bottle is leaking, bacteria may have entered it. Only buy popular brands, especially in foreign countries. With the big brands, you can be sure that they follow all the procedures for decontaminating the water.

2. The elderly face health problems related to contamination. If bottled mineral water is not available, the elderly should ask for boiled water. Water boiled for a few minutes is almost free from the risk of bacterial infection. Do not accept cold water even if the waiter says he has boiled it. Young people can start taking small amounts of tap water to develop antibodies.

3. In addition to bottled and boiled water, tea, coffee, canned sodas and fruit juices, beer and wine are generally safe methods to maintain your water balance without putting you at risk of water. contaminated.

4. Children are more prone to water contamination. Have children brush their teeth with clean water, as brushing their teeth with contaminated water will have the same effect as drinking it outright. Never allow children to brush their teeth in the shower. Use bottled water to rinse your mouth, as children can often swallow water while rinsing.

5. You should also avoid using ice because freezing water does not kill bacteria.

6. Use personal water treatment devices. Many products on the market such as steri-pen will allow you to disinfect water quickly and discreetly in any restaurant or hotel on the go. It uses ultraviolet light to disinfect and is portable, so you can take it anywhere.


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