Donald Trump Characteristics – How To Be The Donald Trump In Your Own Life


Over the past 5 years, Donald Trump has taken the world by storm. The popularity of his hit show “The Apprentice” made him a media icon, as if his presence wasn’t big enough already. But what is it that really makes him the man he is? What are the characteristics of Donald Trump that distinguish “The Donald” from us mere mortals? There are several attributes that one could associate with Mr. Donald Trump that help make him the great man that he is. But what most people are really wondering is how can they learn and apply these characteristics of Donald Trump to take control of their own lives? The good news is you can, and it’s easier than you might think. Here are 3 of the most powerful Tumpisms and ideas on how they can be applied immediately in your life to help you create the life you deserve.

Donald Trump Characteristics – Passion!

One of the most obvious but underestimated characteristics of Donald Trump is his passion. He’s a man who wakes up before sunrise every day to get the next deal. Do you think he should do this? Does he suffer financially and make an effort to pay the bills? No, he likes what he does. He loves, with all his heart, the art of the deal. This gets him out of bed early and keeps him well at night.

What are your passions? What gets you out of bed early in the morning (if any)? The secret to a empowered and empowered life is definitely to live your passion. Find that thing, or the different things, that light up your heart and motivate you. If it’s not related to your career, how can you fit it into your life anyway? Have you ever considered creating an automated stream of income by using a home business to separate yourself from that job so you can live that passion more regularly? People accomplish this feat every day, freeing themselves from the “deferred life plan” and creating more automated income streams that allow them to live their passion every day. Think like Trump. If you were to fully embody just one of Donald Trump’s characteristics, what would your life be like? Are you even aware of the possibilities that exist?

Features of Donald Trump – The Big ‘Mo’ – Momentum!

This is one of Donald Trump’s most powerful characteristics, even if it is not unique to him. All great leaders – past presidents, John C Maxwell, Robin Sharma, Brian Tracy and many more – appreciate the power of momentum. Once you’ve invested the initial time and energy to get things done, as long as you keep moving, there is great power in the small steps we take each day. Ultimately, our efforts create a residual effect that makes success virtually inevitable. Imagine that you could take action every day to build a business or income stream, all of which builds on each other … if every action you took brought you cumulative results on top of what you did the day before, long in the future. Every day you add to those results, and that day’s results add to the stack and continue to bring results every day thereafter. Eventually, you might back off, and that huge boulder would just hurtle down the hill on its own, creating the kind of time and financial freedom most people can only dream of. These characteristics of Donald Trump applied in your own life can move mountains. It is the power of leverage and the cumulative effect of momentum created by taking small daily steps to steer you toward achieving your goals.

Features of Donald Trump – Think Big and Kick!

This is the PG version of one of Donald’s most favorite leadership characteristics. Thinking big goes a long way in moving us in a positive direction. Thinking big teaches us to go beyond our current scope of what may or may not be possible, and consider possibilities and options that may not yet have presented themselves to us. This is yet another of Donald Trump’s characteristics that are both elegant in their simplicity and powerful. Our simple belief that these greater things are possible leads us to take the kind of actions that make these distant possibilities a tangible reality. If we were to stick to small levels of thinking, dreaming, and planning, we would take small actions. The seemingly elementary act of thinking big leads to massive action towards achieving our goals. Even if you don’t quite hit your target, when shooting for the moon you can at least be guaranteed to land among the stars.

These characteristics of Donald Trump have served the Donald very well in his life, and they can do the same for you. These are time-tested fundamentals of success, and when applied to any area of ​​your life, you can expect to see that area soar to success. Donald Trump has chosen real estate as the vehicle for expressing these principles and realizing his own time and financial freedom, but many more people are now turning to the internet to create this leveraged residual income. that can free them from the stresses of the 9-5, Monday through Friday, paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. If you are the type of person who can truly experience and embody these characteristics of Donald Trump, you could easily create this kind of freedom for yourself. Unleash the asset in you and start making the life of your dreams come true today.


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