Dishing Out Best Korean Food in NYC


Korean cuisine has always been synonymous with Kimchi, Bibimbap and table barbecues. In recent years, Korean culture has flourished throughout New York City. Many Korean restaurants in New York City have settled in a small part of town called Koreatown. This crowded neighborhood boasts of the best spas, delicious Korean barbecues and delicious Korean food in New York City.

Here you will find authentic Korean food ranging from fine dining, fast food, casual dining, and the best Korean delivery in New York City. K-town restaurants are definitely gone and put Korea on the map with their take on traditional cuisine as well as their modern approach, showcasing their culture on the plate.

If you like karaoke, Koreatown is the place to be. After enjoying a few drinks with karaoke, you can enjoy an excellent Korean meal at the restaurants of Koreatown. Many restaurants here have been in business for over a quarter of a century and are the favorite haunt of many karaoke bars. A few restaurants are open 24 hours a day and serve authentic Korean comfort food to its diners.

One of the most famous dishes among the locals is Seolleong Tang. It’s a delicious bowl of broth, which is made by boiling beef bones for over twelve hours to extract all the flavor, and is served with noodles and rice. Another delicacy here is the Kimchi (Spicy Pickled Cabbage), which is made from high quality ingredients imported directly from South Korea. You can choose between cabbage and Kimchi radish. The famous Korean dish is also incorporated into other dishes like Kimchi Jeon (vegetarian pancakes), which are a perfect option to take out or deliver.

If you’re planning to visit this fascinating neighborhood anytime soon, start your meal by ordering a glass of soju. Soju is an alcoholic drink of Korean origin that is traditionally made from rice, wheat and barley and is consumed pure. If you’re not too adventurous, you can choose from a list of beers or try a ginger ale accompanied by their fried or steamed Mandu dumplings. These are homemade pork dumplings that pair perfectly with soju, beer, or ginger ale. If you don’t have much of an appetite, you can try the dried salmon bibimbap with ikura or try a traditional Korean dish called Bulgogi.

Some of the other must-try dishes at these Korean restaurants are Bossam and naengmyeon (cold noodles) which are a hit during the summers. You can also choose between their grilled pork or beef. If you have trouble understanding the names of the dishes, ask your server, he will be happy to help and guide you through each dish.

In addition to being open 24 hours a day, year round, many restaurants offer weekly specials like “Happy Hour” and “Taco Tuesday,” which are a treat for most regulars. If you are too lazy to visit this lively area, some restaurants here offer an online ordering option. Now you can enjoy delicious Korean cuisine in the comfort of your own home with just one click. You can browse the menu, select the dishes you like and have them delivered to your door.


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