Digital nomads

But seriously, who hasn’t repelled the urge to grab someone’s cell phone and trample it into a million pieces and give it to them like Moses pulverizing idols of gold and mixing dust in it? water for people to drink? I’ve finally entered the smartphone world and all the weird, obsessive and sometimes downright rude behavior of users now makes sense. There is literally no end to the insane distractions available anytime soon. The great irony in all of this is the fact that we call it being ‘connected’ and spend a considerable amount of time on websites called ‘social outlets’, yet all of this digital communion has made us more distant from each other. than ever before. When did the community become solitary confinement in gigabyte prisons? I love staying in touch with my friends and family as much as the next one when it comes to using technology, but is there something more sinister at play here?

Anthropology, the study of man through the prism of Darwinian theology, believes that man has been advancing for millions of years. The two big leaps in our evolution have been from rodents to humans, then from humans to social beings. This advance towards a social conscience would be due to certain technological discoveries such as the use of fire, the wheel and the club for courtship. Before a social conscience entered the thick Neanderthals skull, he wandered like a solitary nomad, surviving as a hunter and gatherer … or maybe even a scavenger. Live day to day thinking only when he was in and never giving much consideration to the needs of others. No hopes and dreams. No road map to success. No definition of success. Just be … human.

The book of Genesis presents man and his abilities in a very different light. As Adam looked at the animal world he felt it was incomplete. So God made a comparable helper for him. In the beginning, the law of scarcity and the division of labor was with the man in the garden. The Creator asked Adam to take responsibility for the earth. God gave him the moral duty to think, plan, organize, develop and improve all that God had blessed him. At no time was Adam given the latitude to shed his responsibilities, withdraw into himself, and lead a life of nomadic hedonism. Adam learned early on that he couldn’t do it all on his own. He was limited by time, resources and ability. He understood that the division of labor would reduce production costs. He taught it to Eve and their children. Cain specialized in agriculture and Abel in animal husbandry. Cooperation in a free market was the first economy. If man chose to rule over sin, he would prosper.

Now, you know what happened next, God warned Cain to rule over sin, but he chose war over cooperation. Interestingly, his punishment was for being a vagrant for the murder of his brother. Notice that Cain was very afraid of this way of life. Even he recognized the unproductive folly of being a wandering nomad, a hardy individual, a cowboy. When I speak of being a nomad, I don’t mean the pastoral type of nomadism that was productive and forward looking and social in thought. I’m talking about wandering nomadism, thinking about the present, selfish, lonely, counter-cultural. The kind that anthropologists claim was the way man first organized himself, but then progressed. The truth is that man has regressed in nomadic behavior. Nomadic culture has raised its ugly head time and time again throughout history and when it does, it leaves nothing of value in its cultural wake and generally plays a violent role in destroying civilizations.

Solomon states in Proverbs 18: 1: “A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire; he is unleashed against all wise judgment. The nomad rages against his moral responsibility to care for the land and the people around it. When he does this, it is for his own harm and for those around him. The Apostle Paul exhorts in Philippians 2: 4: “Let each of you watch out not only for your own interests but also for those of others. Not only must we be planners and investors in growth and prosperity, but we must do so with the spirit of bringing those around us with us into this growth and the desire to share in the blessings.

As America abandoned any sense of community from a moral and biblical standpoint, the void has been gradually and subtly filled by Darwinian theology, a progressive Marxist definition of community that promises that you can be an individual. sturdy that stands alone and can spend your days in hedonism. consumerism while the state fulfills your divine responsibilities. Let’s face it … without God, it’s an easy sale. We’re digitally programmed by the explosion of real estate TV shows like Survivor, Apprentice, American Idol, Cribs, Jersey Shore, and Buck Wild to worship fame, fortune, and power. We sell our ability to think critically and care about the grim reality we find ourselves in. We all seem too happy to close our eyes to responsibility and immerse ourselves in fantastic worlds induced by unemployment, fornication, drugs, music, movies, video games, apps, widgets and anti-social social networks.

Regressive nomadism is sweeping our cultural landscape. Hold on tight to your thinking skills and don’t let love cool down in your heart. God’s high calling is hard work and the road less traveled, but the reward is far above anything we might experience in this vain life. Never settle for being … human.

Eric Daniel Brown

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