Delicious Heights in Berkeley Heights


In New York, we took the train to Newark, NJ to meet friends for dinner. They wanted us to experience Delicious Heights restaurant. In all respects, this Berkeley Heights establishment was a delightful surprise.

No reservations are accepted by Delicious Heights so we were lucky to be early enough to skip a line. We seemed to just time between the seats. As the reputation of this restaurant grows, we hope it takes a more conventional booking approach.

Upon entering the restaurant, its design, decoration and lighting were exceptional. It was like we were still in New York. The space has been designed to accommodate families, couples, groups – you name it. Obviously, attention to detail has been taken in every aspect of this property.

When I reviewed the menu at Delicious Heights, it was so varied and extensive that I was concerned that they might offer too much. The offerings included appetizers ranging from mozzarella sticks and pierogies to dim sum, dishes ranging from meatloaf, back ribs, sesame crusted ahi tuna, pork chops to an assortment of pasta creations. They also provided a wide assortment of specialty sandwiches.

As ours was a party of eight, we were able to sample a wide choice on the menu. Our group selected Danish BBQ ribs – slow cooked, broiled with barbecue sauce, served with sweet potato fries and a creamy coleslaw; Grilled Pork Chops – topped with fire-roasted apples and carmalized onions, served with Bousin mashed potatoes and braised red cabbage; Scampi Shrimps – giant prawns cooked in white wine, lemon, garlic butter sauce, served over angel hair pasta; and Tortellini Alfredo with Shrimp – in a Reggiano Parmesan Cream Sauce. Every dish was delicious and the presentation was nice. We completed our dinner with a melted chocolate cake, served piping hot with vanilla ice cream.

Our friends dine there regularly, so obviously the varied menu, good service and ambiance of Delicious Heights keep bringing customers back.

The trio of owners, Alex Rubinstein, Domenick Acquaviva and Ralph Acquaviva work magic together. It’s not a new spot that has just opened. On the contrary, it started as a six year old catering business that was so successful, they decided to take a step closer to a restaurant. The establishment is run like a family affair, with many family members working on site.

Domenick and Ralph gained their experience as executive sous chefs at Sterling Affair, one of New York’s top caterers. Domenick studied Hospitality Management, Ralph has a BA in Business Management, and Alex is a graduate of the New York Restaurant School.

Their goal is to give customers what they want, at a reasonable price in a good atmosphere. From the crowds we saw, the food we enjoyed deliciously, and the friendliness of the staff, Delicious Heights succeeds. Give it a try, I’m sure you will enjoy it and as always I appreciate your comments.

Delicious heights

428 Springfield Avenue

Berkeley Heights, NJ

908 464-3287

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