Cisz and the city

Popular Brazilian-born artist Henderson Cisz captures our great cities for all their fascination and glory, and appeals to the masses.

A career as an artist was not initially obvious for Henderson Cisz, despite a blatant affinity for the fine arts. However, a few years in banking firmly decided him to pursue art professionally, when his passion for it could no longer be sated with a mere hobby. So he moved to London in 1986 and studied painting to begin his greatest journey – his career as an artist.

Henderson Cisz is a man who has traveled a lot, which affects the style of his work. The subjects of his paintings express well the lifestyle of a nomadic man adept of city life. Its seascapes thwart the frantic pace of the city, promising to slow down time in its tracks. Yet Henderson Cisz’s cityscapes are not painted with disdain; their vibrant, vivid brushstrokes and contrasting colors capture all the city life and excitement, while airbrushing over the gray spots of everyday boredom.

Henderson Cisz’s seascapes and tropical beaches evoke the simple joy of peaceful turquoise water and clear skies, replacing any hint of anxiety with a wave of calm. In contrast, Cisz’s cityscapes are loud, fast-paced, and fun, underscoring the city’s exciting and spontaneous pulse. One could easily assume that the contrasting styles of landscapes – the sea and the city – were created by two different artists. What unites them is their presentation – always upbeat, almost nostalgic in essence, making you wish you could step into the paintings, just so you could experience the exciting hustle and bustle of the city, and then forget about the world. on an alien beach. It’s no wonder that Henderson Cisz’s limited edition paintings and prints sell like hot cakes – they offer a slice of that peace or excitement. When I look at the deserted beach, I feel calm; when I look at its cityscapes, I yearn for the excitement and adventure that big cities effortlessly herald.

Cities represent such an extreme juxtaposition – a place of fun and danger, a land of opportunity, but also of poverty – cities seem to hold in their hands a mixture of people on opposite ends of the social ladder, all of whom gravitate towards towards her like moths. to a lantern. Her seductive beauty; promise of jobs and money, of culture and adventure, everything below hides the dredgers of society – the opportunistic thieves, the inhabitants trapped by poverty; overworked and discouraged hearts scattered through the ranks.

Leading a vagabond lifestyle has paid off – working from the hundreds of photographs he has taken throughout his travels, Henderson Cisz’s style appeals to all tastes: painted in oils, in acrylic and watercolor, Henderson Cisz creates quaint English streets lined with old lampposts and charms, and against the backdrop of black cabs, red buses and men in crisp suits. Then there are the French provincial markets, woven with silver birch trees and awning stalls. And for those who share a kinship spirit with the city that never sleeps, you can find your partner painting in the depictions of the vibrant lights, sleek women, yellow cabs, and skyscrapers of New York City.

In fact, every roaring town seems to have its sleeping counterpart – for every night town, by its side is its quaint, cobbled sister. The Eiffel Tower of Paris can be admired in a painting behind the lavish winged and hub-wheel cars of the 1920s, and against the flattering light of the early morning pastel sky, nodding to the romantic scenes of our largest cities. world. These amorous cityscapes speak for the mature city – both charming and familiar. In contrast, the stifling, subdued lights of the night city, painted in primary reds and blues, recreate the vibrant city full of mystery and the unknown.

Henderson Cisz’s confident use of color creates very different meanings in all of his paintings; each harbors a different mood. Seascapes are washed in blue – a color associated with calm and believed to inspire creativity; red speeds up the heart rate and improves focus, and Cisz generously pours red over his cityscapes.

Henderson Cisz’s love for the city is contagious, spread through his paintings and limited edition prints; he captures the diverse nature and sharp drama of metropolitan life, then injects a note of calm through his seascapes.

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